‘S-D-Show’ for Twitter employees since Elon Musk took over shares

Elon Musk’s feud with Twitter’s team is of great concern to company employees – many of whom are said to be launching a millionaire’s campaign to force change.

Musk surprisingly turned down the Twitter board seat According to a report, a planned “rest day” for company employees has emerged earlier.

Twitter CEO Barack Agarwal posted a message on his account the night before, describing Musk’s decision as “the best”, warning that workers would face “pre-distractions”. Bloomberg reported Late Monday.

Uncertainty has made Twitter employees feel “more stressed” about the future, with employees reportedly “working together to help each other during the week”.

The report cited interviews with Twitter employees, who asked not to be identified when discussing the company’s internal operations. After Musk’s deal with the board failed, several employees told the store that Twitter’s internal environment was an “S-D-show”.

According to Bloomberg, by pushing for change in the company, Musk was caught by a Twitter employee saying he was “just starting out” – which the worker described as “unfortunate”.

Elon’s musk with a group of Twitter staff felt “over-stressed” from the play.
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Twitter staff
Twitter employees have expressed concern that Elon Musk’s coup has begun at Twitter.
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Musk has emerged as a fierce critic of Twitter’s business practices. He is the largest individual shareholder in the company after acquiring a 9% stake earlier this month.

Under the terms of his initial agreement with Twitter, Musk will hold a board seat by at least 2024, and will be barred from acquiring more than 14.9% of the company. Without that deal, Musk would be free to buy a larger stake in the company and press for greater influence over its operations.

Musk filed an SEC on his Twitter holdings with the language that the company plans to remain active in transactions, despite expanding its business empire to include Tesla and SpaceX.

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Twitter employees go to work in the San Francisco office.
Twitter employees go to work in the San Francisco office.
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The revised filing states that “Musk may express his views on the provider’s business, product and service delivery to the Board and / or the provider’s board members and / or the public through social media or other channels.”

According to The Post, a Twitter representative said the company’s planned “Ask Me Anything” Town Hall with Musk – set up to address concerns among company employees about his involvement – “will not happen again”.

At present, Musk’s exact plans for Twitter’s future are not clear. A leading analyst commented on his face while sitting on a board “Game of Thrones” style war For control of the social media site.

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