Ryan Gosling’s ‘I’m Just Ken (Happy Birthday Barbie)’ has arrived: listen here

He watches: Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson release holiday version of ‘I’m Just Ken’

Ryan Gosling’s role as Ken in the hit movie “Barbie” spawned his own music album.

Along with collaborators Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, Gosling’s “Ken: The EP” includes not only his breakout song “I’m Just Ken” from the Grammy-nominated “Barbie” soundtrack, but also alternate versions of “I ‘m Just Ken” Just Ken (Merry Kristmas Barbie), “In My Feelings Acoustic” and “Purple Disco Machine Remix”.

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The holiday version of the tune also came with a performance video of Gosling, Ronson and company laying down the track in a studio dazzled with Christmas lights, after they talked about the possibility of creating a year-round classic that could also be celebrated at the holidays à la “Die Hard.” .

Ronson Previously teased The holiday version of the hit song from the movie “Barbie” is trending on social media.

“We first recorded this song in March 2022 at a studio in North London called Eastcote,” he wrote of the original song. “I had never met Ryan and I was in awe when he walked into this simple studio where the Clash had once recorded.”

Atlantic Records/YouTube

Ryan Gosling appears in the newly released music video for his song with Mark Ronson, “I’m Just Ken (Merry Kristmas Barbie).”

He continued: “Let’s be real, I’ve been enjoying his work for many years – it’s a few times over, you know? We had a quick and awkward cup of ‘get to know you’ tea and headed to the control room.” … I knew I had two hours before he had to go back to an exhausting rehearsal on set, so I was already feeling against that … Well, it only took two or three hours of warm-ups for me to realize that it wasn’t just him that it was going to be Capable of handling the sound but it will far exceed anything Andrew and I could have hoped for.”

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Ronson explained that he was “yearning to view the song in a different context” and Gosling asked “that I go to ‘Full Ronson’ in the arrangement (which I took to mean 2007 Motown/Wall of Sound obsessed me).”

Along with its chart success, “I’m Just Ken” from “Barbie: The Album” is also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

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