Ryan Gosling jokingly teases Emily Blunt for singing about Kane

Ryan Gosling can't let go of his character Kane Barbie During that Saturday Night Live Solo monologue.

Although he initially said he wouldn't talk about Kane because he had “disconnected” from the character after going “too deep,” he eventually decided to sing about his feelings by performing Taylor Swift's hit song “All Too Well.” ”

“You know, when you're playing a character that strong, for this long, just letting it feel like a breakup and processing the breakup, there's really only one thing that can help: great Taylor Swift music.” La la land The actor said.

Gosling then proceeded to sing, “I swear Venice Beach is right / My clothes were tight / But something about that spandex felt so right / I left my skates in that big pink house / But I'm still wearing that fur coat and I'm going to wear it now ( Point to him wearing the famous Kane coat).”

He continued: “If I said I was fine, you know I'd be lying / 'Cause I was just Kane and now I'm just Ryan.”

Emily Blunt then proceeded to cut Gosling's song off, (jokingly) annoyed that he kept singing about Kane, even though he was supposed to be promoting their upcoming movie. Scapegoat. “What do you do?” she asked, adding that they had a plan to do “a bunch of stunts.”

“I was going to hit you with things and instead you'd be singing about Kane again,” Blunt told the actor. “Look here, you're kenning now, and I hate that this is just an act. I resent it. Take the fur coat. You're embarrassing yourself.”

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After the audience sighed Oppenheimer The actress added: “Guys, I don't mean to be harsh, but Ryan, you have to move on. It's time.”

While Gosling seemed to agree, he quickly noted that he “couldn't” go any further and launched into another musical number. “Here we go again on the colored beach / I didn't win an Oscar, it was a long way off / I was there / Bleached blonde hair / Now it's time to wish Kane goodbye,” he sang just before Blunt hit him head with a bottle.

“This is how it's going to go,” she said, while Gosling shouted in response, “What the hell, Emily?”

“I was a stuntman [in The Fall Guy] “You could take a hit and see how cool it was,” Plante said. But just as Gosling was going to add that Caine thought the stunts were “pretty cool” too, she hit the actor with another bottle.

“Ken's dead. Well, Ken's dead.” Satan wears a cloak exclaimed the actress.

but, Nice guys The actress continued to reminisce about the “Barbenheimer” phenomenon last summer, asking Blunt if she missed the Oscar-winning film. Oppenheimer film. And it's safe to say she does, as they both went on to sing their version of “All Too Well” together.

“We were Kitty and Ken / I wish you'd seen us / You were loyal to the end / And your man never had a penis,” Gosling and Blunt sang. “I gotta admit / We're a mess to impress / Now it's time to say goodbye to both Ken and Kitty.”

Earlier, during SNL In the case of the cold open, Kate McKinnon also returned for another iconic “Close Encounter” sketch with Gosling. Sarah Sherman, Bowen Yang, and Mickey Day also appeared in the sitcom.

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McKinnon's Colleen Rafferty, Gosling's Todd, and Sherman recounted their abduction by aliens again, except this time, Colleen explained how the aliens were interested in Todd's private part, or as she also called it, his “dwarf nose.”

“Just in case you were wondering, I didn't get hyped,” Todd Gosling made sure to note. “Anytime I felt like I might do it, I looked to Colleen here.”

McKinnon, Gosling and Cecily Strong The first sketch for “Close Encounter” appeared. in December 2015, which saw Gosling and Strong's characters recount positive interactions with aliens. However, McKinnon's character hilariously described a less-than-nice interaction with them.

The trio reprized their characters Back in October 2017 For another memorable sketch about alien abduction.

Gosling hosted the comedy show for the third time on Saturday with musical guest Chris Stapleton.

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