Russia-Ukraine war: Recent News

RTL, Germany’s largest private television channel, has appointed a Ukrainian announcer to cover a daily news program targeting Ukrainians following Russia’s invasion.

Carolina Asian, 46, left her homeland after the start of the war and will host a 10-minute program in Ukrainian from Monday to Friday. According to the RTL, the target audience for the “Renewal of Ukraine” program is 200,000 people who have so far come to Germany from Ukraine.

“The situation of the people in Ukraine and the refugees in Germany is depressing – we would like to give you a reliable overview of the news through the ‘Ukraine Update’,” said Stephen Schmidt, managing director of RTL News.

Ms. Asian has worked for two decades as a reporter and presenter on various Ukrainian television channels. When the war broke out in late February, he embarked on a 40-hour voyage, first reaching Romania by car and then flying to Dortmund, Germany.

“The Germans saved my life,” Ms Asian told the RTL. “I want to be as effective as possible with my contribution. I want to inform people.

The network also said it would expand the group with Ukrainian reporters. The show is available on RTL platforms and YouTube.

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