Run Windows on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with the Windows app

Although you can’t run Windows through Boot Camp on Apple Silicon Macs, there are still several ways to run Windows applications on Macs. But now you can also do the same on iPhone and iPad, using the new official Windows app.

A new Microsoft app – currently available in beta form – lets you remotely turn on a Windows PC and stream the output to your Apple device…

Run Windows on Mac, iPad, and iPhone

With Intel Macs, you can use Apple’s Boot Camp feature to install Windows directly on your Mac, and run it in parallel with macOS. This is not possible on Apple Silicon Macs.

There are still a number of different ways to run Windows applications on a Mac, including Parallels Desktop and Crossover. But the new Windows app offers the same capability for iPhone and iPad too – as well as the web version.

The application gives you access to one or more physical and virtual computers running Windows. WindowsCentral Reports.

Microsoft is launching a “Windows app” for iOS and the web, allowing users to access a Windows PC in the cloud from anywhere.

The app is available for preview starting now, and lets you connect your Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, or Microsoft Dev Box PC […]

The new app acts as a customizable home screen that includes all of Microsoft’s current Cloud PC services, as well as Remote Desktop and RDP connections. It supports multi-monitor setups, custom display resolutions, dynamic display resolution and scaling, peripheral redirection, and more.

Although this report does not mention the Mac operating system,… Microsoft ad Confirms support.

The Windows app is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and web browsers.

The Windows option is meant to be for PC users who need occasional access to a more powerful machine — or to share the use of a remote machine with others.

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Since the app is in beta, you can only access it via TestFlight – Microsoft says access to Mac, iOS and iPadOS is on a first-come, first-served basis.

During the preview, we use Test flight From Apple, which has capacity limits. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are accepted into a TestFlight preview, we may not be able to accommodate your availability for its full duration. Since spaces are limited, we may rotate participants to reach a wider test audience, so if there’s no capacity now, you may be able to join the preview later.

You can Find instructions here.

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