RPG company Cygnus Enterprises has announced a sci-fi shooter for PC

publisher netease games A Shanghai based company Miaozi team You have announce Cygnus projectsAnd the Action RPG / shooter due to the early access of computer Across steam On December 16th.

Below is an overview of the game, via file Steam page:


Cygnus projects It combines Action RPG, sandbox, and core management elements, and it is set in the space frontier world of Mytilus.

Take charge of an abandoned outpost on a distant planet. Rebuilding your base and managing your staff help it thrive. Battle ferocious creatures and gather resources in a lush exotic environment.

Key Features

  • Fast paced a job archer RPG – Fight hostile alien creatures and shoot your way through exotic locations.
  • Build and manage your base – Collect resources, build buildings and research new technologies. Attract new settlers to visit, live and work in your base. Manage your employees to ensure prosperity and happiness.
  • plunder, craft and trade – Equip your character with hundreds of unique items, including more than 50 weapons.
  • be who you want to be – Customize your look and choose skills freely from six distinct skill trees.

Watch the announcement trailer below. View the first screenshots in the Gallery.

Advertisement Trailer

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