Rowe V. Abortion ban ‘fast’ if Wade turns upside down: Sen. Amy Globuchar

The Supreme Court ruled that the move to add new abortion barriers would be “quick”. If the hunt is canceled, sen. Amy Klobuchar said Sunday that the Senate will do everything to encode a woman’s right to choose.

“With this leaked opinion, the court sees 50 years of changing women’s rights, and the fall will be rapid. More than 20 states already have laws,” Klobuchar, D-Minn., Told ABC “this week” co-host. Martha Rhodes.

“The question voters ask when 75% of the people are with us is, I think who should make this decision,” Globuchar said. “Should it be a woman or her doctor or a politician? Should Ted Cruz make this decision or a woman and her family? Where are the equal rights of women?”

On Tuesday, Chief Justice John Roberts appointed five Conservative judges appointed by former President Trump, Rowe V. Wade confirmed the leaked draft opinion of the Supreme Court ruling indicating that they were ready to overthrow the post.

The bombing sparked outrage across the country, including elected leaders who support abortion rights, saying the High Court could soon overturn a landmark 1973 ruling.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that the Senate would hold a referendum Wednesday on whether to codify federal abortion protections through the Women’s Health Care Act, but did not expect enough votes to pass the measure. To deal with Philippester, the bill – passed in the House, but stalled in the Senate – needed the support of 60 senators.

“If we do not win, we will go to the polls,” Globuscher said of the bill. “We are marching straight to the ballot box. The women of this country and the men who stand with them will vote like never before.”

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All House Democrats voted for the Women’s Health Care Act, except for Henry Kuller, a representative of D – Texas.

Rhodes pressed the Globes to decide whether the Democrats should support only members and candidates who support abortion rights.

“Do you believe there should be a litmus test?” Asked Rhodes. “Democrats have many candidates who do not support abortion rights.”

“You have people who are personally, personally supportive of life, but believe that decision should be a woman’s personal choice, even if they do not agree with them,” Globusar replied. “So, I think it’s important to note that there are people in our party who can vote to support the Roe V hunt. It may have different personal views.”

The Minnesota senator said the Democrats were “clearly pro-choice.”

“I think you see this is the position of our party and first and foremost, it’s important to our voters – of course now more than ever,” he said.

While he said abortion would not be “the only issue” for Democrats in the midterm elections, he noted that voters were focusing on the economy and Ukraine, and that the “new generation of women” were watching their rights being withdrawn. ? “

While the majority of Americans support the right to abortion in most cases, Rhodes stressed to Globuschar in a referendum that the majority of adults in states that immediately prohibit abortion should abstain from abortion law if RAW is reversed. Cases, New York Times Analysis found.

Why should a woman in Texas have different rights and a different future and a different ability to make decisions about her physical and reproductive choices than a woman in Minnesota? “

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Roe v. Klobuchar added that Wade’s reversal would affect poor women and women of color proportionately.

“It simply came to our notice then [Harry] Judge Blackmond, a Republican nominee, made the thoughtful decision to look at the Constitution and include the right of women to make such choices in the right to privacy.

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