Rounding up: Final previews are available for Super Mario Bros. Wonder

So, how do other outlets feel about this new entry now that they’ve spent more time with it? IGN He had high praise for the game:

“Wonder proves once again that Nintendo is still an incredible innovator, always keeping you on your toes with their next genius mechanic and gameplay. It has also established an impressive history of rarely using the same trick twice, even within the same game. . . and after glimpses of stages “Another wild ride that we saw in the latest trailer, the possibilities for the Plumbers and friends seem endless.” Wonder said it finally sounds like a proper “new” entry:

“Wonder is probably the most amazing Mario game, and certainly the newest and most surprising 2D Mario game – perhaps ever.”

Press the start button Notice how the game’s frame rate “stays very steady” and like the art direction:

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder is one of the most visually impressive Mario games, wearing a new art style… Mario and even the enemies are visually expressive, the colors pop, and through it all, the frame rate remains very consistent. While the scale and They may not be anything like Odyssey or even Bowser’s Fury, but Wonder still can’t be underrated from a presentation standpoint.

Eurogamer He’s impressed by the amount of ideas presented here:

“There are a lot of new ideas here, which are pretty much shaken up at each stage like adding spices to a bag of popcorn. It can be difficult, at first, to get your bearings… Aside from a very simple ritual – the levels contain purple coins Along with gold that can be collected for prizes, there are badges that unlock and allow a special move when worn, and new stages are unlocked by collecting Wonder Seeds – the game wants you to feel lost in an ever-changing sea of ​​gimmicks. It does. And it works.

And My Nintendo news He believes it is a “revolutionary” step for the series:

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder is undoubtedly a revolutionary game, and could be one of the best 2D Mario games to date… If you’re wondering whether or not you should pre-order… it’s safe to say you should certainly”

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