Ronald Akuna Jr. takes home lead in Braves’ 10th straight win

Atlanta – Hours before LeBron James expressed his admiration for him Ronald Akunya Jr On Twitter, Braves manager Brian Snitker was driving into Truist Park pondering where his young player ranks among the most exciting players he’s ever seen.

“I don’t know I’ve ever seen anyone like this in my time, and I’ve seen a bunch of Hall of Famers and some not of Hall of Famers knocking on the door, where you just go,” Snicker said. “This kid is almost on another level with what he can do.”

Acuña created another amazing moment and once again performed as one of the most exciting athletes in professional sports while helping the Braves extend their winning streak to 10 matches with 10-4 victory Over the pirates at Trust Park on Saturday. The activated defensive player made his last home run and scored from first base in a dramatic one-on-one fashion.

“He’s actually very quiet and when he gets out on the field, it’s his chance to unleash all that’s out there,” Braves start. Charlie Morton He said. “Watching him playing is a window of opportunity to see something I don’t see much of. There’s a language barrier, and oftentimes there can be a cultural barrier. Baseball sometimes gives you a unique window to be able to see someone in a way you didn’t know before.”

“It brings so much emotion to have a star, to be a living legend of this caliber is supportive,” Acuña said. “It makes me proud.”

Acuña grew up in love with James and now he also finds himself known as one of the best athletes in the world. He was building a season-caliber MVP last year before he tore his right ACL on July 10. He experienced some pain and inconsistencies when he came off the injured list this year, but it was easy to see his strength and speed as he did. He hit the .389 with four mills and a 1,230 OPS during Atlanta’s winning streak.

Back in spring training, Snitker repeatedly wondered if Acuña might actually be faster than he was before the main knee injury. His wonder did not diminish when the fast player clocked 30.2 feet per second. As recorded from the first base in Dansby SwansonIt’s a three-stroke single that traveled 194 feet and landed in a shallow field along the spoiled line.

“I’ve had really good progress, so I didn’t think there would be much of a chance for them to get me,” Acuña said.

Acuña scored a standing goal after passing a stop sign by third base coach Ron Washington.

“He didn’t even realize [Washington] Snicker said. “He was just flying. That kind of play shocks the defense because they don’t expect him on a ball like that. But I know that once that ball hits, he was in fourth gear.”

Acuña has started just 19 of his 28 games in May, and he has started only 10 in the right field during this period. When he served as the designated hitter while restoring strength in his legs, Braves’ defense weakened significantly. The field’s defense went from responsibility to strength as Acuña started each of the past nine games on the right field.

Meanwhile, the line-up crystallized with Acuña taking the lead each day. The dynamic player set his franchise record of 25 riders up front while starting only 340 at the top of the Atlanta lineup. That equates to one Homer every 13.6 matches who was the advanced hitter for the Braves.

“Talent is ridiculous,” Morton said. “I think he is good for where the match is going. You have his personality and there is a uniqueness in his game.”

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