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Can there be any doubt about who really holds the Christmas Queen crown? Brenda Lee returns to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with her song “Rockin’around the Christmas Tree,” 65 years after the song was recorded in 1958.

The chart sees the singer formerly known as Little Miss Dynamite break at least several Billboard records, including the longest wait between a song’s release and it reaching No. 1, and the longest period between No. 1 hits by an artist. At 78, Lee becomes the oldest person to ever top the charts, a record previously held by Louis Armstrong, who was 62 when “Hello, Dolly” peaked in 1964.

Lee was just 13 years old when she recorded what would become one of the most beloved holiday classics, and she’s been celebrating the song’s 65th anniversary with a flurry of activity: Last month she appeared in the song’s first-ever video, which features country music stars Tanya. Tucker and Trisha Yearwood (see above); She is scheduled to perform the rock tune on NBC Christmas at the Opry It airs on December 7.

Oh, she joined Tik Tok, where she’s been bringing that “sentimental” take on “Birthday Party” to a whole new generation of listeners.

In its announcement today, Deadline’s sister magazine Billboard tracked the statistics and history of the song written by Johnny Marks and produced by Nashville’s legendary Owen Bradley. Although recorded and released in 1958, the song didn’t reach the Hot 100 until 1960, when it peaked at No. 14. “Rockin'” has reached No. 2 over the years — in 2019 and 2022 — but never reached No. Never the top yet.

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With the song’s current peak, Lee can boast having only the third holiday song to reach No. 1 (the other two being 1958’s “The Chipmunks Song” by The Chipmunks with David Civil and Mariah Carey in the 1994 seasonal chart perennial “All I Want for Christmas ” Are you”).

The song is my third Hot 100 No. 1 hit, following 1960’s “I’m Sorry” and “I Wanna Be Wanted.”

With his No. 1 hit for the week, Lee set the following chart records, according to Billboard:

  • Longest run to No. 1. Billboard’s Gary Trust wrote: “Lee’s ‘Rockin’around the Christmas Tree’ broke the record for the longest wait since a song was released — 65 years — until it reached No. 1 on the Hot 100. It crosses the 25-year gap year between songs released. Carey’s song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was released in 1994 and reached No. 1 in 2019;
  • Longest period of #1S. “In addition, Lee rewrote the record for the longest tenure by a female artist to top the Hot 100: 63 years, four months and three weeks, from her first week at No. 1 with “I’m Sorry” (July 18, 1960) to the latest on the chart. She replaced Carey , whose leadership span spanned 32 years and five months, from her first week in charge (August 4, 1990) with her first single, “Vision of Love,” to her final week at the top with “All I Need For.” Christmas is your final holiday season. “;
  • Longest break between No. 1s: “Making More History,” Billboard wrote, “represents the longest break between No. 1s in the Top 100: 63 years, 1 month, and 2 weeks between “I Wanna Be Wanted” (October 24, 1960) and “Rockin’ ‘Around the Christmas Tree’;
  • Oldest No. 1 artist: “Lee turns 78; her new Hot 100 crown will add to her birthday celebration on December 11,” says Billboard. “She becomes the oldest artist to top the chart, surpassing Louis Armstrong, who was 62.” When the song “Hello, Dolly!” She topped the charts in 1964. Among women, she surpassed the similarly busy Leigh Cher, who was 52 when “Believe” dominated the Hot 100.
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Meanwhile, Cher got some good holiday news: “DJ playing Christmas song” From her first album Holiday Christmasis No. 1 on Billboard’s adult contemporary radio airplay chart.

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