Robert Downey Jr. believed that playing Iron Man would affect his acting

Robert Downey Jr.
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  • Robert Downey Jr. thought that playing “Iron Man” for more than a decade would affect his acting skills.
  • “You start to wonder if a muscle you have hasn’t been damaged,” Downey said. New York times.
  • Downey said he’s “100 percent” concerned about doing Marvel films for that long.

Robert Downey Jr. said he worried that playing Iron Man for more than 10 years, in Marvel movie after Marvel movie, would make his acting that much worse.

Talking to New York times For an article published Sunday, Downey admitted that he never starred in a lead role that wasn’t Tony Stark from the Iron Man franchise.

“You start to wonder if your muscles haven’t been damaged,” Downey told The Times.

Downey, who is set to appear in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming “Oppenheimer” movie, said he’s “100 percent” nervous about getting into a role that isn’t related to the Iron Man suit.

“I knew there was a point where Chris Nolan was in favor of, ‘Let’s work those other muscles,’ but let’s do it while getting you free from your usual stuff,” Downey told The Times.

The Golden Globe-winning actor appeared multiple times as Iron Man between 2008 and 2019, including in the Iron Man trilogy and all four Avengers films. Downey is credited with helping turn Marvel Studios into a cinematic powerhouse with his portrayal of Stark, a billionaire inventor and superhero who saves the world.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said of Downey during interview Marking the 15th anniversary of the first Iron Man movie.

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Downey’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider that was sent out of normal business hours.

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