River City Girls 2 launches on December 15th worldwide

River City Girls 2 will be fired to Playstation 5And the Xbox seriesAnd the Playstation 4And the Xbox OneAnd the convertsAnd the computer Via Steam on December 15 for $39.99, developer way forward announce.

The side scrolling beat them The sequel first launched for consoles on December 1 in Japan and Asia. physical package of River City Girls And the River City Girls 2 Also available for Playstation 5And the Playstation 4And the converts With English subtitles.

Here’s an overview of the game, via WayForward:


Featuring six playable characters, online gameplay, a deep combat system, character-specific voiceovers, a massive non-linear game world, and RPGLike personal growth.

Picking immediately after 2019 River City GirlsAnd the River City Girls 2 It gives players more of what they loved about the original game: more characters, up to four players cooperative, improved movesets, new enemies to fight, and a larger world to explore and brawl through. Newcomers Marianne (from the Double Dragon series) and Provie (from the River City Ransom: Underground) Join the returning playable cast of Misako, Kyoko, Kunio and Riki as they embark on a sprawling journey venture who takes them from one end of the city to the other while fighting Sanwakai the crimeThe guild that threw River City into chaos.

Other knuckle-busting features include new weapons, interactive environments full of destructible objects, plenty of side quests, over 40 shops full of items and accessories, and powerful recruits that will aid players in battle. supplement a job are dynamic and comically animated scenes, and thousands of lines of spoken dialogue from top voice talent – including Kylie Mills as Misako, Kira Buckland as Kyoko, Greg Chun as Kunio, Keiji Tang as Riki, Dezumaki as Brophy, and Erika Harlacher In the role of Marian — again directed by Christina “Vee” Valenzuela, and an epic, jam-packed soundtrack from critically acclaimed River City Girls series creator Megan McDuffie. OST is currently available for digital download over here.

Key Features

  • Six playable characters, each with their own fighting styles and upgradeable movesets!
  • to improveD Fight: Crush guards, starting combos, and more!
  • River City is bigger than ever! New locations with multiple routes and secret areas!
  • Play solo or team up with a friend locally or online
  • New hired henchmen help players in battle! Hold two recruits at a time!
  • Lots of NPCs to meet, interact with, and punch in the face – including a surprise cameo!
  • Great anime premise, comic book scenes, English and Japanese voice recordings, and an amazing soundtrack River CY Girls 1 Composer Megan McDuffie!

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