Riley Keough files lawsuit to block sale of Graceland to Elvis

Riley Keough Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Elvis Presleygranddaughter, Riley Keoughstruggles to keep Graceland in her family.

According to the legal documents he obtained weThe 34-year-old actress filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, May 15, claiming that the company was defrauded. Which Moved to put the rock ‘n’ roll landmark up for sale.

Earlier in May, A.J notice The foreclosure sale of Graceland — the house in Memphis, Tennessee, that Presley made famous — has become public. She claimed that Promenade Trust, which oversees Graceland, owed her $3.8 million Naussany Investments and Private Lending after neglecting to repay the loan obtained six years ago.

Keough’s attorneys obtained a temporary restraining order to postpone a public auction that was scheduled for Thursday, May 23, at the Shelby County Courthouse in Memphis. USA Today reported on Monday.

Keough inherited the Promenade Trust when her mother (and Elvis W Priscilla Presleyonly daughter) Lisa Marie, He died In January 2023 at the age of 54 after suffering a heart attack. While Missouri-based Nosani Investments claims that Lisa Marie used Graceland as collateral to secure a loan she did not repay, Keogh alleges in her lawsuit that “the lender’s documents were fraudulent. Lisa Marie never borrowed money from Nassau Investments and never provided a deed of trust to Nassau Investments.”

The Memphis Magistrate Court has scheduled a judicial hearing for Wednesday, May 22.

Kyo, who recently starred in the TV series Daisy Jones and the SixShe had to take on greater responsibilities as keeper of her family’s legacy in the wake of Lisa Marie’s death. In January, she announced her plans for release Her mother’s diary after his death. The book will hit shelves on October 15.

Keough wanted to publish Lisa Marie’s story because “few people had the opportunity to know who my mother really was,” she explained earlier this year, in a statement to the Associated Press. “I was fortunate to have this opportunity and work on her biography for Publishing has been a privilege, albeit a bittersweet one. I’m so excited to share my mother now, at her most vulnerable and honest, and in doing so, I hope readers will love my mother as much as I did.

Inside Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley's relationship after real estate drama

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Solve things. Lisa Marie Presley’s death has caused emotional and legal turmoil for her famous family. The only daughter of Elvis Presley died at the age of 54 on January 12, 2023, after suffering a heart attack. Although her eldest daughter, actress Riley Keough, took over ownership of her estate after her death, Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla […]

Lisa Marie Keough shared with Ex-husband Danny QThey also had twin daughters, Finlay And Harper15 years old, with ex-husband Michael Lockwood.

After losing Lisa Marie, Q The sole guardian Of her property. Before that, it was for a short time Engaged in a Legal battle With her grandmother, Priscilla, who filed to object to her daughter’s will. we He confirmed that the settlement included terms whereby the younger Riley sisters were appointed sub-trustees and Priscilla received a lump sum of $1 million.

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