Revolutionizing the Music Industry with Affordable Analytics

In an industry where access to dependable data is not just imperative but indispensable, the times when high-quality information was the exclusive reserve of the titans in the field are long gone. At the forefront of this revolution is Viberate, a company dedicated to offering affordable music analytics, thereby democratizing access for all music professionals with their complete professional suite priced at a mere $9.90 per month.

Having access to such superior data transforms the game for those in the music business. It’s a critical tool that empowers professionals to make swift and informed decisions, particularly in talent discovery, roster monitoring, report compilation, as well as analyzing the impacts of music releases and tours among other activities. For years, major record labels have harnessed and maximized this power, though the exorbitant cost was a deterrent for many others in the industry. But with Viberate, cutting-edge music analytics are now within reach for every industry professional.

This change was made possible as Viberate substantially cut down the price of their professional suite from $129 to the accessible price of $9.90 per month. This suite boasts of features like charts equipped with A&R filters, alongside Spotify analytics, TikTok analytics, and insights for various other channels for every artist you can think of.

One-stop Solution for Music and Social Channel Analytics

Viberate is not just another analytics platform; it’s a comprehensive solution that maps and scrutinizes the entire music industry ecosystem. From artists, tracks, festivals, and labels to playlists, everything is analyzed in a single platform, turning streams of data into actionable insights for efficient talent discovery, roster tracking, promotional campaign planning, and business report creation.

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Currently, the platform monitors and analyzes the stats of over a million artists, covering an extensive array of music channels like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Shazam, and SoundCloud, and social media channels including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, it also includes radio airplay in its monitoring. Among its myriad features, Spotify analytics stand out as particularly popular.

In-depth Analysis of Artists on Spotify

For professionals in search of detailed Spotify artist statistics, Viberate offers just that. It provides a thorough tracker of Spotify monthly listeners, followers, and streams, both historic and real-time. It doesn’t stop there; the platform also highlights top songs and allows users to analyze the performance of every song released by an artist on Spotify.

Furthermore, Viberate’s playlist analyzer covers more than 12 million Spotify playlists, presenting a chart ranked by popularity. Users can easily sort these playlists by follower count, recent growth, and the number of tracks featured. This function simplifies the process of identifying playlists that align with an artist’s genre, making it effortless to compile a shortlist that could potentially amplify the artist’s listener base. The playlist analyzer also provides a filter function allowing sorting by playlist types, such as user-generated or editorial, proving itself invaluable for music release promotions.

Tailored for Various Industry Profiles

Viberate is attuned to the diverse needs of the industry’s professionals. From A&Rs, label managers, and agents to other stakeholders, each professional has unique data needs, and Viberate delivers with a platform that is not just intelligent and aesthetically pleasing but also highly customizable to suit different use cases.

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“We don’t compromise on service quality,” the company asserts, indicating its commitment to offering insights that are as insightful as they are beautifully crafted and presented. Beyond their subscription plan, Viberate extends its services to include custom dashboards, database matching, and API access to cater to the bespoke needs of music industry professionals.

Empowering Professionals with Playlist Analyzer

The playlist analyzer is not limited to providing insights on an artist’s playlist alone. It takes it a step further by offering analytics on over 12 million Spotify playlists. These playlists are ranked and can be sorted based on the number of followers, their growth, and the number of tracks they feature, making it straightforward for users to pinpoint those that align with a specific genre. This playlist analyzer makes it simple to create a shortlist of playlists that are likely to boost an artist’s listeners while providing an easy filter mechanism by playlist type, making it a must-have tool for promoting music releases.


In an industry that thrives on reliable data, Viberate is a game-changer. By making music stats accessible and affordable, it empowers all professionals in the music industry to make data-driven decisions efficiently and effectively, leveling the playing field for all. With tools like the playlist analyzer, industry professionals have at their fingertips the power to not only analyze but also strategically plan and execute their promotion and discovery endeavors with precision and confidence.

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