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Welcome to week eight! It’s the midway point of the NFL season but we’re also heading into the trade deadline for most leagues. It’s a week when a win can make or break a team between the opponent and the seller. We’re here to give you the best advice we can make on your sit-down/start-up decisions.

I wanted to take the time to highlight one of our writers: Dustin Lowdek (@theDunit13)

I’ve been playing fantasy football for about 25 years starting with my family league, which is still going on and now I’m in the dynasty leagues and leagues. I’ve been with QB List for 2 years now after writing on my own and for other much smaller websites. I’m a fan of Buffalo Bills and Sabers even though I grew up outside of Philadelphia. My mom’s family is outside of Buffalo so I spent a lot of time there going to training camps, games and generally being a part of Bills Mafia before that was a real thing.

One of my greatest memories was going to Marv Levy’s retirement dinner and getting to know some football heroes like Andre Reid, Bruce Smith, Torman Thomas and my all-time favorite Jim Kelly. I currently reside in Wisconsin, but I sign up for University of Michigan football.

The highlight of my dream is to win the championship after dropping almost 60 points after the first week of the two-week championship.

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Seating/starting width ranges

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