Remember Bastion, the MIA champ from Overwatch 2? It’s back next week

Bastion, the robot, is standing in the middle of the street with a sparrow on his shoulder.

Bastion nicknamed this robot from Monitor 2
picture: Blizzard / Kotaku

Remember Bastion? He was a mechanized attack character in Note and watch and the recently released free sequel, Monitor 2. However, if you have played Blizzard’s character shooter in the past 10 days, you will notice that the dangerous bot is missing. In fact, Bastion has been out of the game for longer than he has been in the game at this point. Fortunately, Blizzard revealed that Bastion as well as Torbjorn and the recently removed map will all be back in the game on October 25, at which point they will be out of the game twice as long as they are in it.

Monitor 2 It didn’t launch nicely. The hero shooter game was released across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC on October 4. And almost immediately I had server problems due to DDoS attacks. Then there were issues with cell phone requirements, problems inviting friends to your group, long layovers, and more. It was a big mess!

Then on October 10After players discovered some bad tricks that allowed unlimited and stacked abilities, Bastion was completely removed from the game. The dwarf warrior and tower lover, Torbjorn, was also removed, but only from competitive play. At the time, Blizzard said the characters were taking a “quick trip” back to the garage for some repairs. 10 days later… they haven’t come back yet. But at least we know when they will be back. Players will have to wait an additional five days to see Bastion and Torbjorn return October 25. Character removals from live service games aren’t entirely unprecedented, of course, but they don’t usually happen at launch, and they don’t usually last long.

On top of all this, Blizzard announced yesterday that it will now remove Junkertown Map of Monitor 2 due to an error that was causingfee performance issues“While playing. It has been reported that people may intentionally cause these issues. So Monitor 2 Currently below the map and two characters, one of them has completely disappeared. You can’t even play with Bastion in training mode or against bots. You can’t even look at your cosmetics for a robot. It’s as if it never existed, a dream for some players, no doubt.

Despite these issues, Blizzard says that Overwatch 2 has reached 25 million players across all platforms. It’s an impressive number, especially compared to the first game, but the sequel is also free and available on twice as many platforms from the get-go.

While players won’t be able to enjoy Bastion, Torb, or Junkertown just yet, if you log in this weekend, it’ll be the start of the Double XP event that Blizzard offers an apology for the rocky launch of its game.

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