Recent shoulder surgery may complicate Drew Brees’ potential comeback

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While it remains unclear from Sunday night’s tweet whether future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees is truly considering a return to football (another tweet can quickly make it clear), there is one definite complication to any desire. in playing football.

As Peter King notes in his latest book Football morning in America Column, was press left shoulder surgery On May 2, ESPN’s Ed Werder added earlier today that Brees “will be Physically unable to play Until September or October at least.”

repeatedly, If there is a joke In Brees’ original tweet, this is far from clear. He has since tweeted. He can finish the puzzle quickly and cleanly, if he wants.

Maybe he didn’t. Maybe not joking. He probably knows he can perform better than a few midfielders at the moment. Maybe he thinks he can still manage Sean Payton’s crime better James Winston will. Brees would probably realize it would immediately be a better choice for Seahawks, Panthers, Texans, or (sorry, TuAnon) dolphins.

Regardless, Bryce said what he said. While journalists and others were trying to undo it, Bryce lit a fire. If he wanted to take it out, he could.

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