Receiver market can price DK Metcalf outside of Seattle

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Recently, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told the team She will do everything in her power to keep the recipient DK Metcalfe. This in the end may not be enough.

From contracts awarded by chargers to Mike Williamsby raiders to Davant AdamsAnd by dolphins Trek HillThe market has faded lately. These developments will certainly affect the willingness and ability of the Seahawks to pay Metcalf.

On Thursday afternoon at 710 a.m. in Seattle, Seahawks GM John Schneider was asked about the impact of recent receiver contracts on the situation with Metcalf, specifically whether these new contracts give the Seahawks more urgency to get a deal done.

“there feeling shocked When you see where the numbers are going, especially in this position, said Schneider via Michael Sean Duggar of “Everyone loves DK. He’s a great player. People have to plan the game for him, and he influences every single game he’s a part of, whether it’s people changing the covers his way or running straight through the cover or having the guys play the guy where he’s just throwing People on him He influences the games, there’s no doubt about it We love him Everyone in the building loves him Specifically with extensions and contracts we don’t get into that Yes he’s an incredible player It’s a great question because when you look at him in All over the league, you look at the Davante deal and the Mike Williams deal and it’s clear what happened with Terrick.”

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Metcalf is set to make $3.986 million in 2022, the final year of his contract with the rookie. The Seahawks will then be able to apply or trade the franchise mark.

Or they can trade it now, if they get an offer they can’t or won’t turn down. It all comes down to whether another team has it EF-Them-Shots The mindset decided to invest in extreme towing and space options to calm the Seahawks and the Metcalf.

It is clear that Metcalf is untouchable. The only supposedly untouchable player in Seattle was officially traded to Denver eight days ago.

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