Rebel Wilson: LGBTQ + team condemns ‘terrible’ situation, SMH refuses to go out | Rebel Wilson

When the Sydney Morning Herald contacted him about his new relationship, the head of LGBTIQ + Health Australia said Rebel Wilson had been pushed into a “terrible situation”.

Hollywood star It was revealed on Friday She was in a relationship with American fashion designer Ramona Acuroma, which prompted her to express congratulations. But then controversy erupted The Herald reported Saturday Wanted to do the story on Thursday and contacted her.

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Harold gave Wilson two days to respond. After he revealed his own story, its author, Andrew Hornary, said the paper was “noticed” and that Wilson’s previous contact was a “big mistake”.

In a note to readers on Monday, Herald editor Bevan Shields said the paper did not publish Wilson, but “simply asked questions and included a deadline for answering routine practice.” ABC radio presenter Rafael Epstein called it “disgusting.”

“Oh we ask questions ..”

What exactly do you think she thought when you asked her questions?


Low rental behavior

How would these journalists and editors feel if these questions were asked about their personal lives?

– Raf Epstein (Raf_Epstein) June 12, 2022

Nicky Bath, CEO of LGBTIQ + Health Australia, said that there is a process by which people express their sexuality and that it is an intensely personal and vulnerable time.

“Those are personal decisions,” he said. “To whom do you first express, how you do, when you do.

“When people come out, the important issue is that they have decided to do so, and there is the right support around them to go public an important part of their lives.

“Putting pressure on yourself to come out doesn’t really help, and has an impact [people’s] Mental health. “

On Friday morning, Wilson took to Instagram with the hashtag #loveislove, thinking “Disney is looking for a prince.”

“But this time I really needed a Disney princess,” he wrote.

On Saturday, Hornery wrote in an email to Wilson’s representatives on Thursday morning that he had “two days to comment on his new relationship with LA leisure designer Ramona Acroma”.

“Big mistake,” Hornary wrote. “Wilson wanted to see the story.”

“It’s their business for those who date,” he wrote, but Wilson “gladly nurtured such curiosity when she had a hunting boyfriend on hand.” Wilson is unlikely to have experienced homosexuality, and wrote that “sexual orientation is no longer something to be hidden.”

On Sunday, Wilson tweeted that it was “a very difficult situation” and that he was trying to handle it with compassion.

Thanks for your feedback, this is a very difficult situation, but I will try to handle it with kindness

– Rebel Wilson (RebelWilson) June 12, 2022

Shields wrote If Wilson’s new partner had been a man, the paper would have asked the same question. Shields said he had not made any decision on what he would publish or what he would publish, but that any decision would be informed by any response from Wilson.

“This is not a consistent message,” he wrote. “Congratulations to Wilson and Acroma.”

Although the community considers LGBTI people to be “everything in the rain”, the truth is that “homosexuality is alive and well in Australia,” Bath said.

“It is very disappointing to find ourselves in this situation, knowing that by 2022, people with LGBTIQ + will have increased mental health. [issues]”He said.

He said coming out should be a happy time for people to talk about who they are and that the process for Wilson was “spoiled” by the Herald. He pointed to the Press Council of Australia Standards of practiceIt refers to the need for respect and consent in discussing a person’s sexual or gender identity.

There is no God-given right to your paper to know anything about anyone’s personal life
I am not saying I am speaking on behalf of Rebel Wilson
But for LGBTQIA + people, the consequences of having nothing but a frantic fit over who is printing the rumors can have devastating consequences.

– Magda Szubanski AO (MagdaSzubanski) June 13, 2022

Shields and the Herald were contacted for further comment.

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