Real Madrid stun Man City in the Champions League semi-final, Rodrigo Hero, Cardiola’s team melt

MADRID – Manchester City and Real Madrid continued their highlight of the match between Villarreal and Liverpool on Tuesday night with just minutes to go before City reach the final. Rodrigo‘S injury-time goals should send in extra time, with 5-5 in total Kareem Benzema Penalty scored to send Spanish giants and La Liga giants to the Showbiz game on May 28 in Paris.

– Report: Real Madrid Stun Man City, Book UCL Final Place

Here are three quick thoughts on fascinating, dizzying and exciting gameplay.

1. Pull off another great escape from Real Madrid

Real Madrid will face Liverpool in the Champions League final after a dramatic night at the Bernabeu just minutes before Manchester City advance to Paris.

City were on the verge of registering their place in Paris Riyadh MahrezThe goal in the second half gave them a two-goal lead, with only substitute Rodrigo scoring two goals in the space of two minutes to force extra time.

Kareem Benzema, who had been quiet until then, scored the decisive goal through a penalty spot in the first period of extra time, turning it 3-1 at night and 6-5 overall.

City were in control overnight until Real Madrid’s late play, and their presence could have been extended before Rodrigo scored his first goal. Jack Graylish (Substitute in the second half) had taken one of two chances. Instead, Real Madrid, who will be crowned champions of Spain on Saturday, will have the chance to win their 14th Champions League trophy when Jurgen Klopp meets Liverpool in the 2018 final on May 28.

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Meanwhile, City are looking to get a golden opportunity to reach the second consecutive final, and as they were challenged to a three-way at one point, they now have to compete for the Premier League.

2. Real Madrid fights from anywhere

After the 1-0 win over Mahrez City, Real Madrid fans began to leave the Bernabeu – but those who wish they had not done so.

The Spanish side seemed set for a calm exit. Real Madrid did not score a shot in the first 90 minutes, but with six minutes of injury time playing, City needed it. Ederson Make a good saving so that his team does not go out too dramatically.

With Real Madrid needing two goals to force extra time, Rodrigo came on as a substitute in the 68th minute, looking as if he had been comforted by Karim Benzema’s cross in the 90th minute, but scored another within 60 seconds. 1 at night and 5-5 in total. Cole almost lifted the roof from the Bernabeu, however Rodrigo still had time to get back inside and almost complete the tie in normal time, with Benzema’s penalty marking a significant turning point in extra time.

(In all of this, a special note about Rodrigo: after managing four goals in 79 games this season, he has scored six times in his last six games, nothing more important than the goals he scored on Wednesday night. Made history with Rodrigo, the first player to score a goal.)

Real Madrid advanced to the semi-finals against Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, but this was the best.

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3. Man City have another Champions League draw

After the disasters against Monaco, Liverpool, Tottenham and Lyon, City seemed to put an end to their crazy moments in the Champions League, but now they have found another place to add to the list. It may actually be above all of them.

Their path to last season’s final was very uneven, and they sent Sporting Lisbon and Atletico Madrid quietly on their way to the semi – finals this year, but when there was really pressure at the Bernabeu, they crashed. They took a two-goal lead when Mahrez scored, and even though Rodrigo’s first goal went inside, there was no need to panic. But instead, City called for more pressure, lost the head and paid more. After Ederson was called in to make another save before the end of the break, the tie went into extra time and they were lucky.

This is a decision that raises further questions about Cardiola and the Champions League. Despite having star teams in both Bayern Munich and City, he has not lifted the trophy since his time at Barcelona. For his quality manager and someone with a habit of collecting domestic trophies wherever he is, it is a strange disorder that he has not won the best club competition in Europe for more than a decade.

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