Ranbir Kapoor has yet to meet ‘First Wife’, says ‘I look forward to meeting you sometime’

Ranbir Kapoor is having a great time both personally and professionally. while he Alia Bhatt got married Earlier this year, he has two films scheduled for release in 2022 as well. smasher It will be released in theaters on July 22, and the much-anticipated fantasy adventure drama Brahmastra will be released on September 9. Recently, the actor answered some of the most Googled questions about himself, one of which included a discussion about his first wife.

In an interview with Mashable, Ranbir recounted how he had not met her yet. Speaking of his craziest fan encounters, he said that many years ago, a woman came to his family home and married the gatekeeper of the bungalow. “There was a girl and I had never met her. But my watcher told me she came with an expert and married my gatekeeper. There were some ‘teeka’ on the gate and some flowers too. So, that’s totally crazy,” said Ranbir, adding, “I haven’t met my first wife yet, So I look forward to meeting you sometime.”

During the interview, Ranbir revealed that his two favorite stars are Sourab chocolate He worked with them in three films, including Barfi, Jagga Jasoos, Shamshera and Anushka Sharma. Speaking about Anushka, who was screen-sharing on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Ranbir said, “We are really close friends and we bother each other a lot, we keep fighting. We have good creative energy.”

The actor said he is happy with a private account on social media and does not want to post it yet. He also mentioned that he does not have tattoos yet but may get one soon. He said it could be his favorite number 8, or the name of his children in the future.

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Ranbir Kapoor released the trailer for Shamshira on Friday. During the trailer launch event, the actor promised that his fans would watch him more often going forward. He said, “I have to do a lot of work now, first I was working for myself, now I want to make my family work for my family.”

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