Ralph Lauren goes minimalist at its latest fashion shows, with soothing tones and a more intimate setting

NEW YORK (AP) — Ralph Lauren has been known to many celebrities fashion He has shown over the years: for example, taking over Central Park for a lavish anniversary celebration, or staging a runway show amidst his dazzling classic car collection.

But for his fall/holiday 2024 collection, he decided to keep it minimal — at least, minimal in Ralph Lauren terms. That meant an intimate Monday night show in a (relatively) small design studio in his New York City offices, inspired by his first women's fashion show in 1972, where he showed off his wares to editors and friends in his private office.

In front of a star-studded front row that included actors Glenn Close, Jessica Chastain, Kerry Washington, Rebecca Hall and Jodie Turner-Smith, Loren opened his show on a timeless note – his long-lasting soul – with an appearance by muse and supermodel Christie. Turlington, now 55, wears an elegant beige wool coat.

What followed was a series of designs in soothing neutral tones: tan, brown, grey, black and metallic. The soft palette characterized daywear such as jackets and sweaters with trousers, and evening wear such as sparkling and embroidered gowns. There were wide jackets, lots of shoes, and wide leather belts with “RL” buckles.

There were familiar Western Lorraine accents, such as long fringes on coats and jacket sleeves. Especially the occasional cowboy hat, which accompanied not only the casual outfits, but to close the show with an unforgettable look, a shiny gold backless dress.

Loren, 84, made a brief appearance at the end, wearing jeans, to cheers from the audience, which also included Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Close wore a white Lauren suit. “This is a very, very special suit,” the actor said. “It was made especially for me. Custom. Five years ago. I won a SAG Award in it. Here I am. It looks just as beautiful. It's a shame I only get to wear something like that once.”

Growing up in New England, Close added, “The mentality was that you buy something that's great quality and then you wear it until it wears out. That's how I grew up.”

After the show, guests walked a few blocks to Lauren's Polo Bar, where the designer was greeted once again as he entered — before grabbing one of his restaurant's signature burgers.

Lauren's son, David, an executive at the company, discussed the mission of creating new designs each season. “You know, everything changes,” he added. “You're always looking for new fabrics, looking for new silhouettes, looking for new ways to bring the brand to life. But there's a philosophy. There's a style.”

With Wintour's Met Gala coming up in exactly a week, David Loren was asked if the brand would be designing any stars' outfits. “Not this year,” he said. “We've been involved a lot over the years, but this year we have a fashion show and we're about to outfit Team USA (for the Olympics in Paris) and do a men's show in Milan. So our plate is full.”

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