PSA: Pokémon Bank is now “free to use” on Nintendo 3DS

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We’ve seen a bit of a twist, word spreading quickly across the internet like Bucky Transporter It does not work for some users. We ran the app ourselves to take a look and were greeted with the following message:

Your card to the Pokémon Bank has expired, so you cannot use the Poké Transporter. Please open it Pokemon Bank to purchase a permit.

If you also get the same message, it seems you don’t have to worry too much. According to a Update on the official Japanese Pokémon website Earlier this month, the Transporter app will also be free for everyone who has downloaded it.

While it does not appear that users without a pass are able to access this service at this time, users who have recently renewed their branch have reported being able to access this app.

If we hear about any developments or updates, we will let you know.


It’s the end of the beginning of the 3DS today, and while it’s a sad day for many mobile 3D fans, it’s not all bad news. On the interface of Pokémon, the 3DS app Pokemon Bank Now officially free to use…at least for the foreseeable future. Here’s a reminder from

Now when you launch this app, instead of the number of days left on your subscription, the game now states “FREE TRIAL PERIOD!? 40 DAYS” (Note: The remaining days will move continuously). Again, it’s unclear how long this service will remain available for now that the 3DS eShop has been shut down. So do whatever you want while you still can.

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Pokémon Bank started in 2014 and has been replaced by the paid service Pokemon Home on Nintendo Switch in 2020. You can learn more in our previous post:

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