Production of the Late Late Show was discontinued after James Gordon Kovid was diagnosed

James Gordon

James Gordon
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Of CBS Late Late Show The latest is the increasing number of night-time shows that are being forced to stop production Due to the COVID case confirmed in the show package. In the case Late Late, The diagnosis went straight up, with host James Gordon announcing on social media that he had a positive test.

I tested positive for Govit 19. Gordon wrote on Instagram Mail. “I’m fully vaccinated and motivated, and because of this, I’m lucky to say that I feel absolutely fine.” The presenter said that the show will be given a few days off.

News of Late Late Show A suspension came shortly after a similar situation occurred on NBC where Seth Myers announced Afternoon To take a similar rest On Tuesday After testing himself positive. (Thanks to vaccines and boosters, Meyers said he’s fine, too – but we can not help but think that there must be some connection between being a night talk show host and spending easy time. It’s sick.)

All of this will not last long It happened after Jimmy Fallon announced his own diagnosis In a short time Tonight’s show Went to the holiday break. (Fallon reported “mild symptoms”, so the secret of complete immunity is a Of late Late Night Host, instead of taking the first shift every evening.) Also, nWe wonder if the night hosts had any secret party during the holidays Together, breathing their lung gases into each other is a kind of appropriate white boy ritual.

Anyway: James Gordon is fine, but you have to wait a few days to get your next installment “Rich TV man imposes his mouse grip on people trying to get to work” Still awful.

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