Prince Harry’s ghostwriter also wrote the best-selling memoir Nike

Prince Harry’s blockbuster memoir “Spear” is already a huge success. Breaking sales records As readers scramble to learn the delicious and mundane details about the life of the British royal family.

Although the 38-year-old has been on a media campaign to promote his book in recent weeks, the prince has helped piece together the 416-page manuscript for “Spear” in the form of star ghostwriter J.R. Moringer, who has quietly penned a number of biographies. other best sellers.

Ghostwriters are writers who write books on behalf of another party, usually without receiving public credit. In the case of Spear, Mohringer’s name does not appear on the cover and the book is only attributed to Prince Harry.

American author J.R. Moringer ghostwrote Prince Harry’s “Spear” memoir, as well as memoirs from tennis star Andre Agassi and Nike founder Phil Knight.

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Although he did not put any pressure on Speer, Moringer did open up about the ghostwriting process in the past.

He has written other best-selling biographies: 2009’s “Open” for American tennis star Andre Agassi and 2016’s “Show Dog” for Nike founder Phil Knight. Additionally, in 2005, he wrote his own memoir, “The Tender Bar,” which has been adapted into a 2021 movie starring Academy Award winner Ben Affleck.

In the case of Agassi’s memoirs, Moringer told The New York Times in 2009 that he spent 250 hours with the 8-time Grand Slam champion in sessions that “sometimes resembled psychoanalysis.” But the end result allowed him to more accurately capture Agassi’s voice and tell his story.

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V said 2012 interview On “Fresh Air” on NPR.

Tennis superstar Andre Agassi poses with a German copy of his autobiography “Opening.”

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