Preview Taylor Swift’s $5 Million ‘Eras ​​Tour’ Concert, Grammy Winner at Chiefs Game – Deadline

Exclusive: There’s a reason her last name is Swift.

The 12-time Grammy Award winner, the day after the world premiere of her musical, distributed by AMC, Taylor Swift: Tour for the Agesfound her way back to Kansas City for the Chiefs’ NFL game against the Denver Broncos.

Why? Because her movie opens tonight, stupid.

The NFL caught up with her on Twitter cheering on her reported BF Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, which at the time of this report had recorded 2.9 million views on Twitter. It all came that night Tour of the ages Previews start with – and last minute we might add – pretty much what’s there 5 million dollars Per Deadline Sources. Please note that this is a very rough estimate for Thursday night, and AMC has not evaluated this number. Swift announced just moments before her world premiere last night that fans can purchase tickets as early as today for her shows at 6 p.m. local time. Note that its original plan was to release the concert film at 6pm on Friday, October 13; Her lucky number day.

Some in distribution circles have noted that the last-minute decision by Swift’s team to hold previews is a slap in the face to die-hards who wanted to be the first to arrive at the preview times for the concert photos (which were Friday at 6 p.m.), which are expected to drop. It grosses more than $100 million domestically in 3,850 theaters, and another $50 million overseas for a $150 million global opening weekend. However, let’s be real: you can always cancel and rebook your tickets. Or if you really like Swift, you can see her twice tonight and tomorrow night. This is the blessed nature of capitalism. Note that tonight’s previews are last minute, so you can’t view a regular Friday outside of this number. Many expect ticket sales to be front-loaded, which is a trend for younger female films. Another quotient that wasn’t taken into account in the tracker, which typically polls moviegoers: Most of Swift’s fans are not known to be regular moviegoers. This is what made the box office predictions on Tour of the ages Very deceptive.

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However, the marvel of this opening had to do with the genius marketing power of Swift who has over 523 million social media followers per RelishMix across TikTok, X, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube subscriptions. Swift reportedly accounts for nearly 60% of the theatrical box office Tour of the ages, with very little marketing spending by AMC; It is said that only about $5 million is in TV advertising. That’s a better deal than any studio would ever offer her. That’s why Andrea and Scott Swift went with AMC CEO Adam Aron. A studio destined for a wide theatrical release typically costs $35 million to $50 million to market and open a film. Swift’s appearance in three of Kelce’s last four games has increased ratings for NFL games. I only posted four times on Instagram before the movie: Talk about effective marketing spend. What studio wouldn’t want that?

But keep in mind that Swift is in the zeitgeist with a tour that grossed $2.2 billion that was a tough live event to get admission into. The answer here isn’t just to release more concert films to distributors or exhibitors. He brings one out when the artist is at his peak.

Nancy Tartaglione, international box office editor, says Tour of the ages It is difficult to communicate abroad. There is no organized or collective cohesion in distribution as far as we understand it. Hell, we can’t even get a confirmed number of markets in the first set since it’s AMC’s first rodeo in box office reports. Here’s what we understand: 4,150 global theaters in over 90 countries, including Mexico, the UK, the Philippines, Australia, Germany, Spain and more. Others will join later. For reference, 90 countries is more than any studio has ever allocated — Disney usually cites its “material markets” at about 52 countries, and Universal’s high is in the low 80s and WB’s is in the high 70s, even after they changed how they show overseas Several years ago, then, 90? As one studio executive said to me today: “Where do they get this stuff?”

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The main majors counted here are the Anglo markets as well as Mexico and, in our estimation, the Philippines. This is where the pop star will emerge.

At the minimum, an offshore BO could be worth up to $30 million. There is hope that this level will rise, but we are also hearing that opening day bids are selling out in some markets and then fizzling out. We’ve heard global pre-sales of $100 million – $20 million of which are for overseas markets.

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