Preseason 2 Fantasy Football Game Summary: New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers | Fantasy football news, standings and predictions

Kinder Miller He starts despite his injury: A sprained knee should have kept him out for at least a week or two, but he was ready to play in less than a week.

Joshua Kelly Secures RB2’s place Los Angeles Chargers: Kelley played a higher percentage of snaps with starts than last week.

Donald Parham Jr away from Trey McKeete: The two would often break up for shots—including in the first preseason game—but Parham was clearly ahead of McKitty in this game.

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Kinder Miller Starts for Saints: Miller missed a few days earlier in the week with a sprained knee.

  • Miller was initially expected to miss a week or two, but it appeared he was well enough to play in this game.
  • Alvin Kamara And Jamal Williams He spent the night, making Miller a clear third on the depth chart.
  • The Saints were constantly taking Miller from the field on third innings and a long.
  • With Kamara still on the list, few would have expected Miller to have a role at number three. This shows that he will not play in the third defeats during Kamara’s three-week suspension to start the campaign.
  • this means Jamal Williams You’ll likely take the Level 3 shots — in addition to being your primary starter — for the first three weeks.
  • Williams served early in the lower back with a Detroit LionsAnd But he was the primary receiver in his first two seasons in the NFL with the NFL Green Bay Packers.
  • Miller was ineffective in the first quarter, gaining 10 yards on six touchdowns, but started the second quarter with a 27-yard catch followed by a 7-yard touchdown run.
  • Miller being a clear third on the depth chart could mean he could have a quiet season, but it’s worth remembering that Miller just turned 21 this summer.
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Joshua Kelly Remains in control of the backup operation task: Kelly started the game and took a clear majority of the snaps in the first quarter.

  • Kelly also started over Isaiah Speller In the first pre-season game. He made all of the shots in the first quarter of that game, as well as the most of the shots in the second and third quarters.
  • Spiller took every snap on the fourth drive in that game and cycled in and out of the fifth drive before his day was over.
  • Take turns with him Larry Rountree IIIAnd who released him and signed it Houston Tx earlier this week.
  • Kelley started again today and played a greater majority of the shots through the first five drives.
  • Both running backs averaged over 5.0 yards per carry last week, but neither ran past 2.5 over their first seven drives.
  • This likely means that Kelly will be the backup for another season, while Spiller will still be in third place on the depth chart.

Donald Parham Jr withdraw before Trey McKeete: Parham was the obvious starter at tight end, largely confining McKitty to two sets of tight ends.

  • Parham and McKeetey were 2A and 2B on the depth chart last season when they were healthy.
  • They both played exactly 107 snaps from Weeks 15-18 last season.
  • Parham earned a score of 79.1 last season compared to Macetti’s 31.8.
  • The two looked pretty close together last week—both players focused on 11 runs and played 10 runs blocking shots over the first four drives, but it was worth noting that Parham took all three picks on the first drive while Parham played the majority of the fourth pick. .
  • This week, Parham has been taking every shot in the 11 singles over the first few rides.
  • Gerald Everett He remains the mainstay player for Los Angeles, but Parham seems to be the obvious handcuff if something were to happen to Everett this season.
  • He was targeted three times but didn’t catch any of those passes.
  • Parham has had significantly better grades than Everett as a receiver over the past few seasons. It’s at least likely that Parham will spend Everett’s playing time passing this season if he can stay healthy.
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Miscellaneous notes

  • Derek CarrAnd Alvin CamaraAnd Jamal WilliamsAnd Chris OlafAnd Michael ThomasAnd Joanne JohnsonAnd Foster Morrow And Tesum Hill They were among the expected major players who were given a night off.
  • tight end Jimmy Graham I had a seizure two nights ago. Coach Dennis Allen said he’s a player A little shaky but in a good place. He also did not play in the match tonight.
  • Rashid ShahidAnd Tre’Quan Smith And Jesse James He missed this game dealing with groin injuries.
  • Justin HerbertAnd Austin EcklerAnd Mike WilliamsAnd Keenan AllenAnd Joshua Palmer And Gerald Everett They were among the Chargers who did not play in this game.
  • Galen Guyton of chargers is still on the PUP list.
  • Chargers rookie first-round pick Quentin Johnston The first five drives are played. He caught three passes for 37 yards in that time, gaining more yards than the rest of the Chargers combined to that point in the game.
Table notes

Snaps include restarts that are recovered due to penalties, including offensive pass or defensive interference. These plays are removed from the other three stats.

Goals may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely discrepancy would be from an apparent thrown pass, where the NFL might give the goal to the nearest receiver, while the DS would not.

Aries only on designed plays. Midfield scrambles will not count towards the total number of carries in the game.

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