Prep Week 2 Fantasy Football Game Summary Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Chiefs | Fantasy football news, standings and predictions

• Washington’s backfield remains 50/50 split: Washington continued to rotate Brian Robinson And Antonio Gibson Every few plays – and that could go on all season.

Judge Hill Makes the case to be RB2: Hill started his second straight preseason game and made three plays of 10 yards or more on his one drive.

• Terry McLaurin Health Monitor: The Commanders’ wide receiver suffered a toe injury at the end of the first half.

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Washington’s unique rotation: While the surprising participation looks similar to last season, the running back roles were different.

  • Brian Robinson He started both preseason games Antonio Gibson.
  • In both games, Robinson played between four and seven shots in a row, then Gibson played between four and seven shots. And that would continue as the beginners were still playing.
  • The trend last season was for Robinson to play through clear running situations and Gibson to play through clear passing situations.
  • It is certainly possible that Washington will continue this rotation into the regular season. It is also possible for them to return to rotation like last season and just use players in this way to gain more experience in all positions, just in case the other gets injured.
  • Regardless, this running back room looks more like an 1A and 1B situation rather than a team having a clear start.
  • This gives both running backs a high cap but also low upside, as both running backs must play approximately 50% of their offensive snaps.
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Judge Hill continues to fight for the backup job: Hill started his second consecutive game for the Ravens and played only once before exiting the game.

  • Hill touched the ball three times on his drive. He produced runs of 15 yards, 10 yards, and 13 yards.
  • Melvin Gordon III He took over at one point to give Hill a rest while driving. Gordon then took the next drive.
  • Uncut rookie Keaton Mitchell – who received some first-team representatives in a training camp – started playing in the second quarter.
  • Gus Edwards He was named captain for the match but ended up not playing.
  • He played in the second quarter of their first preseason game, meaning he was behind Hill on the depth chart, but his lack of snaps against the leaders indicated he was ahead.
  • Regardless, it was odd to name Edwards as captain in a match he did not play.

Miscellaneous notes

  • The Crows rested several skill players, including their quarterback Lamar Jacksonrunning back JK Dobbinswide receivers Odell Beckham Jr.And Rashod Pitman And Nelson AgulorAnd a tight end Mark Andrews.
  • First rookie wide receiver of the first round costume flowers He played one drive, caught two passes for 37 yards and a touchdown, and his day was over.
  • Devin DuVernay I also played only the first drive. Beckham, Bateman, Agolour, Flowers and DuVernay will make up the top five wide receivers, and all five could get significant playing time this season.
  • Possible Isaiah He missed training earlier in the week due to an undisclosed injury, and here’s why Charlie Kollar The initial tight end was with the start.
  • leaders Logan Thomas He was the only skilled player on the team who did not play for the team. He’s dealing with a calf strain.
  • Starting rotation of wide receivers in Washington was the same as last week and last season – Terry McLaurin And Jahan Dotson Played every once in a while Curtis Samuel Played in three receiving sets.
  • McLaurin fell to the sideline on one play at the end of the half after he was tackled. He was able to come off the field with his own strength, so I hope he’s okay, but it’s worth watching.
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Table notes

Snaps include restarts that are recovered due to penalties, including offensive pass or defensive interference. These plays are removed from the other three stats.

Goals may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely discrepancy would be from an apparent thrown pass, where the NFL might give the goal to the nearest receiver, while the DS would not.

Aries only on designed plays. Midfield scrambles will not count towards the total number of carries in the game.

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