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On Monday, major public relations firms representing top Hollywood actors held a conference call with SAG-AFTRA officials to discuss protocols and best practices for promotion in the event of a strike call if the union and the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance do not. Reach an agreement before Wednesday’s deadline.

Conference call confirmed Hollywood ReporterIt comes as negotiations begin after a two-week extension that saw Al-Ittihad and the studios vying back and forth over a new contract.

The merchandising issue has been looming as the summer movie season continues to progress, and Emmy nominations are slated for Wednesday. While the Cannes Film Festival went wild without a break, with directors and directors promoting their studio projects as directors, the SAG-AFTRA strike would throw serious blows into the PR rounds as well as the efforts of the FYC.

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off July 20th and will do so without massive studio promotional panels from the likes of Marvel and Warner Bros. / DC Studios, which skips the usual Hall H station, along with Netflix and Universal.

Barbie, one of the summer’s biggest releases, premiered on Sunday night and has several stops on an international show tour. Before the film’s premiere, from the Shrine Auditorium, director Greta Gerwig drew attention to the fact that she Barbie Co-writer and partner Noah Baumbach was not present due to the ongoing Writers’ Guild strike. She said, “Nothing in Barbie It happened without him and nothing happens in Hollywood without a book.”

SAG-AFTRA did not respond to a request for comment.

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diverse He was the first to report the news of the meeting.

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