Powerball ticket sold in California wins $2.04 billion jackpot

$2.04 billion Powerball ticket sold in California, $1 million winner in Massachusetts

$2.04 billion Powerball ticket sold in California, $1 million winner in Massachusetts


Powerball declared A winning ticket was sold in California on Tuesday for a world record $2.04 billion jackpot. This announcement was made after a long time Delay In revealing the winning numbers.

The winning numbers are 10, 33, 41, 47 and 56, a Powerball 10. California Lottery Officials He said on Twitter The winning ticket was sold at a service center in the Los Angeles County community of Altadena.

“Congratulations to the lucky ticket holder in California and to the millions of other Powerball players who won other prizes in the drawing,” Drew Switko, president of the Powerball production team, said in a statement. “On behalf of the participating lotteries, I want to thank our players for joining us in this historic jackpot run. A portion of every Powerball ticket purchased will go to your state to support your local communities.”

Winners can claim the grand prize over 29 years or in cash once. The cash option is $997.6 million, the report said.

Nearly two dozen tickets were close to the grand prize. According to Powerball, 22 tickets won $1 million by matching five numbers, but not Powerball. In Florida, a ticket won an additional $1 million because the player purchased the power play option.

The Chances of winning All of these are 1 in 292.2 million.

The latest numbers were supposed to be released Monday night, but the announcement was delayed until Tuesday morning. A ReportPowerball officials said the drawing was delayed because an unidentified lottery was unable to “process its sales and run the data.”

As of Tuesday, the jackpot has eluded players since August 3. It topped the previous world record grand prize of $1.586 billion with a $1.6 billion jackpot before last Saturday’s drawing.

With no one winning over the weekend, the jackpot was assessed $1.9 billion Leading up to Monday night. Officials said Tuesday that the grand prize for the latest drawing was $2.04 billion.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly shared Powerball.net’s report that Powerball had no jackpot winner. Story corrected.

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