Possible WWE winger regarding Becky Lynch

All indications are that the man is coming up in the Survivor series.

according to PWInsiderBecky Lynch is “set to be at WWE Survivor Series this Saturday,” which puts her “centre-stage” from her unveiling as the fifth and final member of Bianca Belair’s WarGames team. As noted earlier, on Monday, Belair announced that she’s teaming up The mystery partner will be revealed on “WWE SmackDown” on FridayBarely 24 hours before the historic Women’s War Games in Boston, Massachusetts.

The report added that there is no information yet about the possibility of Naomi, Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks returning to Survivor Series to join Bianca’s team. All three women have been off WWE TV since May.

Lynch being revealed as Belair’s teammate would make a lot of sense from a storyline perspective, seeing the two women warmly embrace on “WWE Raw” after SummerSlam as “Big Time Becks” She announced that she had a separated shoulder. The clip also saw Lynch bring back her “guy” persona and turn into a likable character, as she compliments Belair for carrying the WWE’s women’s division, acknowledging that the EST has outdone her competition throughout the year.

On top of that, it was Lynch Delisting WWE TV after being ambushed by Damage CTRL, the team that Belair & Co. will face. Saturday. As such, Lynch returns to settle the score with Bayley & Co. , giving her purpose in the story to join Belair’s WarGames team.

earlier on monday, As reported by Fightful Select Lynch was expected to be Team Bianca’s fifth WarGames squad member.

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If Lynch brings her back to “WWE SmackDown” this Friday, that could mean she’ll be assigned to Brand Blue from now on. According to numerous reports, Lynch vs. “SmackDown” Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey is one of WWE’s action plans for WrestleMania 39 in April.

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