Politico blasted for calling Meghan Markle a ‘narcissist’ alongside Trump, Elon Musk and Kanye West

Politico She was criticized for including Meghan Markle on her year-end list of “narcissists” along with Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Kanye West and Sam Bankman Fried.

the Opinion articlewith the title 2022 is the year we are all tired of narcissistssparked an angry reaction on social media for comparing the Duchess of Sussex to a gallery of alleged scammers, anti-Semites and scoundrels.

The article argued broadly that the selfish transgression of some celebrities had finally turned the public to their attention-seeking antics.

Politico Cite the six-part Netflix documentary harry and meghan, Where the couple discuss their relationship and stray from their royal duties as an example.

The author differentiated Meghan from the article’s more famous contributors such as convicted Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes, noting that the “Sussex family’s addiction to the public eye is benign.”

However, Reuters Senior Correspondent Chris Taylor called Meghan’s inclusion in the article “crazy”.

Author and political analyst Kirsten Powers tweeted: “What the hell is this Politico. “

“There is no planet Meghan Markle is on with this group of people. A Black woman standing up for herself does not mean ‘narcissist’. The mixed hate directed at her really proves that her point is not.”

Podcast director Paul E. Martin wrote: “How has Meghan Markle been put in this group in the name of God? She’s not perfect, but a Black woman standing up for herself and her family isn’t considered ‘narcissist’. Seriously @politico.”

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Washington Post Columnist Karen Attia tweet it “White women are perfectly happy to be soldiers of hate + attacks against black women.”

Meghan Markle’s inclusion in the 2022 list of narcissists has angered some commenters on Twitter


Twitter user Lisa Glass wrote that 2022 “is the year we are all sick of… Politico“, Claim Politico Managing Editor Ryan Heath to respond to the criticism.

Mr Heath wrote: “If you want to cross out an entire publication because one of our 600 journalists has blacklisted Meghan Markle, I’m getting really tired of free debate.”

“If, instead, you don’t agree to be included in the list, you can say so instead.”

The Independent Call Politico to comment.

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