Pokémon Trainer Scarlet and Violet discovers “Area-1” after escaping from battle

published: 2023-10-15T20:40:42

Updated: 2023-10-15T20:40:54

Pokemon Trainer Scarlet and Violet discover a whole new area after they encounter a wild swamp and decide to escape the battle.

As many Pokemon fans know, Scarlet & Violet had a lot of issues at launch, from weird graphical issues to massive performance drops when exploring the open world.

While developer GameFreak has simplified the experience somewhat since launch, fans are still stumbling across frustrating, but often humorous, glitches nearly a year after launch.

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Now, it appears that a Trainer has discovered “Area-1” after exploring a cave system and escaping a wild Pokémon encounter.

The Crimson and Purple Pokemon Trainer discovers “Area-1”

a mail On Pokemon Scarlet and Purple com.subreddit I provided evidence of a bug through a thread titled “I’m not 100% sure this is what will happen.”

OP attached a 30-second video of their trainer exploring the cave system in the Teal Mask DLC, before encountering the Wild Swamp.

Not wanting to catch the wild Pokemon, the trainer decided to run away from the battle. Unfortunately, after doing so, they were trapped between some rocks. As they tried to maneuver, they fell straight through the cave floor and under the map.

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Members of the Scarlet & Violet community found the glitch funny, and praised the trainer for discovering the legendary “Area-1”.

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Others reported that they were punished for escaping the almighty swamp. “Do you dare to escape from the swamp? I pity you,” said one of the trainers.

This isn’t the first time fans have completely dropped across the world map while playing Scarlet & Violet, and it likely won’t be the last.

According to some player accounts, the recent 2.0.2 patch may have broken the game even further, with many claiming to have encountered more bugs than usual since the update.

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Hopefully the trainers can stay away from Area-1 while exploring the wilds of Baldia and Kitakami.

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