Pokemon Scarlet and Violet one-shot 7-star Eevee with the weakest of Generation 1 members

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s trainer used the weakest Pokemon from Generation 1 to take out the 7-star Eevee Tera Raid.

In celebration of Eevee Week 2023, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has introduced another 7-star Tera Raid featuring Evolution Pokemon.

This 7-star Tera Eevee comes with a normal Tera type, dual-edged moves, super sound, magic, mini doll eyes and a bite.

Showing off some impressive skills, one of the trainers used the weakest Pokémon of Generation 1, Magikarp, and destroyed the 7-star raid target with just one hit.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trainer Drops a 7-Star Eevee Raid with Magikarp

A Reddit user named Nommable123 to publish A video showing their strategy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet com.subreddit.

The strategy involved a Magikarp carrying Accelerator as the main attacker. The rest of the team included Medicham carrying a Sitrus Berry, Salazzle with the same berry, and Perrserker with a Wide Lens.

To start, use Medicham Light Screen and Reflect to boost the team’s defense while using Salazzle and Perrserker Defense Cheer.

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Next, use Salazzle Fire Lash four times to lower Eevee’s defense by four stages. Berserker then used cold water twice to lower his attack.

Perrserker and Salazzle then use Swagger on the Magikarp to raise its attack level to six stages, while Medicham uses Skill Swap and Helping Hand to boost the Gen 1 fish and give it pure power.

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Next, use Magikarp “Attack Cheer” and use Perrserker “False Swipe” to bring the fish to 1 HP. Finally, use Magikarp Flail to knock out Eevee’s entire health bar with just one hit.

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In the video comments, the trainer pointed out that since there was no way to OHKO 7-star Eevee with Magikarp without lowering its defense, the normal type had to take some damage beforehand.

However, they assured fans that even with the small amount of chip damage, this would not be taken into account in setting up a one-hit knockout.

While some trainers have expressed disappointment with 7-star Eevee’s lack of difficulty, it still takes a significant amount of work to pull off this great strategy.

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