Pokemon players reveal the funniest names they’ve ever given their rivals

Pokemon fans reveal the funny names they gave their rivals when games allowed players to rename them.

One of the recurring elements in the Pokémon series is the rival Pokémon trainer who competes with you throughout the game. These can be friendly characters, like Nemona from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, or complete jerks, like Blue from Pokemon Red & Blue.

In many cases, the Rival is the most recognizable character in the game, facing the player in battle throughout the story and sometimes fighting alongside them against a common enemy. By the end of the game, the opponent is usually one of his strongest opponents.

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In early Pokémon games, players could rename their rivals, though this became less common over time, though Pokémon had not yet adopted voice acting.

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Pokemon players reveal the funny names they gave their rivals in the old games

User on Pokemon reddit He created a thread asking players for the names of their rivals in retro games. This led to several hilarious results, with several players renaming their rival in a way that mocked them throughout the story.

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“Newman,” one Seinfeld fan wrote, while another said: “I distinctly remember taking the rival seriously during the second generation, and calling him ‘???’. When I learned he was supposed to be what you wanted, I continued calling him ‘Scumbag.'” In the later stages of play.

“I remember I didn’t know a lot of bad words when I was a kid, so I called my rival Hot Mama, and for some reason I saw that as an insult,” another user wrote.

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Many people also used inappropriate or obscene words as their opponents’ names, but these words were not present in later games, as the developers introduced a word filter that prevented certain terms from being used as names.

Just like naming a Pokémon in a Nuzlocke race, naming your rival something funny is a way to ensure you’ll never forget it. Sure, many of these names are immature, but they’re funny and help liven up characters that can be boring.

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