Pokemon Go fans are desperate for more Poke Ball variety

published: 2023-11-05T20:48:03

Updated: 2023-11-05T20:48:13

With no new Poke Balls added since the Master Ball debuted, trainers seem keen to see more variety.

The Pokemon Go mobile game borrows many mechanics and features from the main series, such as the Pokedex and Evolution Items.

However, there are definitely a lot of additions that haven’t made their way into the mobile monster hunting game even after seven years.

One of those missing additions is the wide variety of Poke Balls that Trainers can use, as Pokemon Go mainly focuses on Great and Ultra Balls. While these standard balls do the job, fans are eager to see more variety added to the game.

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Pokemon Go trainers want to add more Poke Balls

a mail On Pokemon Go com.subreddit It sparked discussion among the community after a trainer asked: “When will Niantic add more Pokéballs to the game? i.e. Fastball, Duskball, Luxury Ball, etc.

They included a post explaining that the Poke Ball inventory slot was much smaller than the others, thanks to only having three types of Poke Ball inside it.

For those who may not know, Pokemon Go only has the following Poke Balls: Poke Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Premier Balls, Beast Balls, and Master Ball.

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Of those six inclusions, only three of the Poke Balls are easily obtainable, since the Master Ball is extremely rare and Monster Balls were only available during a specific event.

Many fans have expressed interest in seeing more diversity. “I love extra balls like the Lure Ball or Heavy Ball,” one coach said, while another said, “Holy… Buddy Ball would be great.”

Unfortunately, many players were not optimistic about the possibility of including different Poke Balls for various reasons. “I’m not sure I see Dusk Ball happening, [Niantic] “Maybe you don’t want to encourage people to play at night too much,” one fan guessed.

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Some also fear that adding too many Poke Balls will add chaos and confusion to the game.

Although sometimes simple is best, if Niantic can find a clever and easy way to handle more Poke Ball variety, it could make catching hard-to-catch Pokémon much easier.

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