‘Planet of the Bass’ full song and music video star original Ms. Biljana

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: The song “Planet of the Bass” has finally dropped, and there’s a time-shifted music video to go along with it. But the best news is that the original Ms. Biljana Electronica is back for the music video.

In case you missed it, “Planet of the Bass” is a Eurodance parody song created by the comedian. Kyle Gordon under his alter ego DJ Crazy Times, an obscure Eastern European DJ, wants everyone to put their hands up and stop the war. Gordon released the first teaser of the song earlier this month, and it’s already going viral. Like the Eurodance songs it affectionately mocks, “Planet of the Bass” features a female lyricist, and a harsh-voiced male who interjects random phrases before his own rap segment. The song became so popular that Gordon extended the release from August 22 to August 15 and released two more promotional videos.

However, in those two subsequent videos, the original Ms. Biljana (actor Audrey Trulinger) replaced by different girls in each video (Mara Olney And Sabrina Pryor respectively). It was a joke about how ’90s Eurodance groups would routinely cycle their female members, and gave Gordon an opportunity to showcase other content creators. But across social media, many mourned the loss of the OG Mrs Biljana. Although the other ladies performed well, Ms. Biljana was the first saw An early 2000s, late 1990s dance diva with her slicked-back hair and frosted pink lip gloss.

But luckily, for the full music video, the OG Ms. Biljana is back in full Y2K glory. When the music video starts the other Ms. Biljanas has a small intervention, among the options for the songwriting are aliens from the Planet of the Bass cycle. It certainly will “Ouch! …I did it again” Music video vibes, with a ton of nods to the era, like shots of President Bill Clinton and Bill Nye the Science Guy. The best part of the song is the 51-second clip that Gordon previewed.

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The full song is out on Spotify with the music video on YouTube.

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