Philly is all in flames: Capitals beat Flyers 9-2

The Washington Capitals welcomed the Philadelphia Flyers home on Tuesday as they sought their fourth straight win. Can they get there or could Philly play the spoiler?

Alex Ovechkin started things off with a backhand stroke behind Carter Hart. TJ Oshie finished off a beautiful pass to take the lead in the two positions. James van Rimsdijk fired almost immediately on a breakout to cut that lead in half. Martin Ferrari rotated the lead back before the first period was over.

Lars Eller finished off another superb pass to add to the advantage early in the second half. Connor Cherry was left alone in front of the net and the overall goal was pinned to five. Matt Irwin found the end zone for six people. Lars Eller, plus point was good. Garnet Hathaway scored the eighth and I ran out of cliched ways to describe the goals that would happen. JVR for a random target in a pinball game. Johan Larsson for nine.

The Capitals beat the Flyers 9-2!

Oh yeah, we have to do that.

  • I didn’t like the start of the first period, but as soon as Ovi scored, it sort of settled and the hats started to pass on to the Flyers. They created a transitional group by turning the disc defensively which is always a good thing.
  • As already mentioned, Alex Ovechkin He got the good players in first place with the 776th goal in his career and the 46th goal of his current season. Ove has goals in four consecutive games now and 14 goals in his last 18 games.
  • That second goal was a beautiful thing and it started with some really great work under the goal line from Nicklas Backstrom. His legendary ability to protect the disc and feed it to his teammate will always be fun. Jon Carlson was his open teammate in this instance and punched a smack-to-perfection pass to TJ Oshie who scored his ninth of the season into the empty net. Carlson, who is ironic at the moment, scored 50 assists for the fourth time in his career on goal. Via Caps PRHe is only the 17th defensive man in National Hockey League history with four seasons of 50 assists.
  • The Caps stomped shooting pilots per second. Philly seemed like a team that didn’t really care at this point in their season. 13 chances to score from five to five only in the team’s second frame in red.
  • Connor Cherry It was left wide open as seen by NHL players who weren’t in a split state or in the middle of a penalty shootout attempt. He could pitch a tent in front of Martin Jones, get a night’s rest, get up, and still have time to deposit that tweak.
  • Martin Ferrari The puck skills bag has been brought in several times in this game. The first goal resulted in him slipping home with a backhand kick for his eighth goal of the season. The second resulted in Kevin Connaughton almost shooting himself through the glass when he tried to hit Marty and failed due to the smooth moves of the novice.
  • Lars Eler Two more goals. Competition is good.
  • The third match was played at a rowdy pace as the hats just lit up the scoreboard. You just love a game like this. The only thing that would have made it better was more Ovi goals.
  • Matt Irwin He scored his first title as a member of the Capitals and his first overall in the NHL since December 6, 2018. Johan Larsson He also earned his first title as a cover. Well done boys.
  • The end of this game was a sure thing. Perhaps the pilots should try not to get nine times.
  • Chris Kreider has the 50th luckiest season in league history, probably outside of Jonathan Chechu.
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The Caps will then head north of the border where they will visit Toronto to play the Leafs led by Auston Matthews, who seem to be scoring twice in every game they play these days.

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