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Mira Sorvino expressed her disappointment with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Twitter after her father, Paul Sorvino, was excluded from the segment on Memorial Sunday during the Academy Awards.

“It is incredibly baffling that my beloved father and so many other wonderful actors who have left have been axed,” she wrote on Monday. “I forgot about Paul Sorvino’s Oscars, but the rest of us never will!”

The actress updated a previous Instagram post ahead of the awards ceremony, where she said she would be thinking of her father, who died at age 83 of natural causes last July, during Sunday’s telecast.

She added, “I am incredibly hurt and shocked that my father’s enormous, lifelong, and irreplaceable, contribution to the world of cinema has been overlooked by whoever made that list.” “We his adoring family, and you, his adoring fans, know just how unique and wonderful he was. We hope @theacademy will do something to make this right.”

Sorvino’s wife Dee Dee also called on the academic to apologize for Sorvino’s exclusion from the show’s memorial.

“Paul Sorvino was one of the greatest actors in the history of Hollywood cinema. It is inconceivable that he was left out of the In Memory of the Oscars segment,” Dee Dee said in a statement Monday. “It’s a three-hour show, they can’t give two more minutes. to get it right? Paul Sorvino spent decades in the industry and was loved by all.”

Several other high-profile names such as Anne Heche, Leslie Jordan and Charlbi Dean, the Best Picture nominee star of Triangle of Sadness, were also excluded from In Memoriam’s broadcast. greet them It is instead made available online Through the QR code displayed on the screen.

“Paul was not the only deserving spirit to be left out, and QR code is unacceptable. The Academy needs to issue an apology, acknowledge the error and do better,” Dee Dee added in her statement. “Paul Sorvino deserves better, the audience deserves better. Is the academy too exhausted to forget the lovely people, who gave their hearts to the industry? ”


Amidst the backlash, the Academy released a statement saying it had received “hundreds of requests” for people to be included in the segment.

“An executive committee representing each branch reviews the list and makes selections for broadcasting on the basis of the limited time available,” the statement read. All submissions are included framework It will remain on the site all year.”

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