Paul McCartney’s birthday: Ringo Starr sends a touching message for The Beatles’ birthday

Ringo Starr sent Paul McCartney a touching birthday message, referring to their time together at The Beatles.

McCartney turned 80 on Saturday (June 18), 11 months after Starr reached a record age.

To celebrate the occasion, Star chirp Outside a picture of himself flashed a peace sign.

The caption added: “They say it’s your birthday on Saturday happy birthday. Paul I love you man have a great day and peace and love Ringo and Barbara love peace and love. [sic]”

Starr is married to Barbara Bach, a former Bond girl she appeared in The spy who loved mesince 1991.

His message referred to the Beatles song “Birthday”, which opened the recording of the second half of 1968 the Beatleswhich is more commonly referred to as white album.

He remained friends with McCartney, and in 2018, performed “Get Back” with him on stage at 02 Arena in London alongside Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood.

Ringo Starr sent Paul McCartney a birthday message on Twitter


McCartney’s birthday comes just a week before he becomes president of Glastonbury for the second time ever.

It also comes days after concluding his North American tour, in which he played several cities he had never sung before. Find The Independent’s review of the show over here.

If John Lennon were alive, he would be 82 years old, while George Harrison, the youngest of the Beatles, would be 79. Lennon was killed in 1980, while Harrison died of cancer in 2001.

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