Parkland trial live updates: Nikolas Cruz avoids death sentence, grieving parents react

Jaime Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter was killed in the massacre, said after court, “I’m not often stunned, but today I am stunned by this verdict.”

“I can’t be disappointed,” he said.

“I don’t know how this jury came to the conclusions they did,” he said.

“Today’s decision makes the next mass shooting more likely,” he said.

Guttenberg said he thinks the next mass shooter is now planning his attack and “believes that person can get away with it now.”

“Today 17 victims have not received justice,” Guttenberg said. “This jury failed our families today. But I will tell you: the monster is going to prison, and in prison, I hope and pray that he receives the same mercy from the inmates that he showed my daughter and 16 others. He will die in prison and I will wait to read the news.

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