Overwatch 2 locks out more than half of the roster for some players

Brigitte from Overwatch 2 looks into the distance.

screenshot: Activision Blizzard

turbulent release of Monitor 2 It is a complete story now. Today, in an effort to address issues related to Torbjörn and Bastion, Blizzard announced that it will be Completely withdraw characters from some game modes. Don’t worry if you don’t see them, who – which intended part. While there’s no word on how long the characters are inaccessible, this is presumably a move to repair Bastion’s infinite endings, along with Torbjörn’s lacking ability to cool down. Somehow, by doing this, Blizzard created a whole new problem: a whole bunch of characters that are no longer available to some players.

When logging in myself, as someone who previously had the entire list unlocked, I now have 12 characters that I can no longer access. They are Doomfist, Sigma, Wrecking Ball, Ashe, Echo, Mei, Sombra, Symmetra, Torbjörn, Zenyatta, Kiriko, Baptiste and Brigitte. Restarting the game did not help unlock the characters nor did the PS5 restart. The characters simply kept the little lock icon, even though I was playing with some of these inaccessible characters earlier today. Looking at social media, I’m not alone on this topic: There are a lot of confused people Not knowing what’s going on right now, they shout at Blizzard to undo it.

“What’s going on at Blizzard right now???” One of the players tweeted, while commenting about their inability to access their full roster. “I can’t get almost any of my main devices to work,” said another with the menu issue.

This comes after a week of other huge issues, which Players cannot log into the game at allThey had a problem migrating their accounts from the first Note and watchAnd the Prepaid phones cannot be usedStrangely enough, he suffered Technical issue where chatting can somehow buy things from the store. While all of these issues have been fixed or improved, players continue to discover other bugs or incomplete assets. All this left the impression that Monitor 2 It feels more like an early access toy than a complete, polished, finished product. And with the developer having to pull out entire characters and end up cracking the entire game in the process, it becomes hard to argue in defense of Monitor 2 Even if it is fun to play.

KotakuI reached out to Blizzard to inquire about this massive bug. Judging by the votes, this isn’t the first time that some players have been denied access to the characters since launch, but the problem seems to be more widespread than before. According to players who experienced the bug before today, it took about a day for it to get resolved.

Correction 10/10/2022 8:38 PM ET: This post previously mentioned that it was more than half of the list, when it’s 12 out of 34.

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