Oscars 2024 nominations: Contenders gearing up for Hollywood Film Awards announcement

Nominations for the Oscars 2024 are about to be announced in Hollywood.

On Tuesday (January 23), the latest round of nominations will be announced during a live stream hosted by Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Joker) and Jack Quaid (children, OppenheimerIn Los Angeles.

Controversial films, actors, directors and writers will be named from 1.30pm GMT – that's 8.30am EST – a week after the BAFTA nominations are announced in the UK.

Christopher Nolan's movies are also expected to compete for the awards OppenheimerIt swept the board at both the Golden Globes and Critics' Choice Awards earlier this month, as well as its blockbuster rival. BarbieGreta Gerwig, directed by Martin Scorsese Killers of the Flower Moon And the poorStarring Emma Stone.

This year's Oscars will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and will take place on March 10. They will be broadcast live in the UK on ITV.

Find all the live announcements from the run-up to the announcement below


Best actress

Well, let's look at the contenders for that Best actress Type.

As far as the BAFTA nominations go, it's been a two-horse race between Lily Gladstone (Killers of the Flower Moon) and Emma Stone (the poor) but Stone has proved a favorite after beating Gladstone at the Critics' Choice Awards — not to mention Gladstone's Baftas snub. This is Stone's second win for Best Actress La la land In 2017.

If I had my way, Sandra Huller would beat them both and win Anatomy of a Fall.

Fantasia Parrino – Color is purple

Lily Gladstone – Killers of the Flower Moon

Sandra Huller – Anatomy of a Fall

Carey Mulligan – Maestro

Natalie Portman – May December

Emma Stone – the poor

Jacob Stallworthy23 Jan 2024 10:10


Best Supporting Actor

Time for that Best Supporting Actor Contenders, it could be won by Robert Downey Jr Oppenheimer (His third appointment after that Chaplain In 1993 and Traffic thunder in 2009).

We hope Robert De Niro takes a look Killers of the Flower MoonHe was snubbed by BAFTA and the Academy last week Irishman In 2020. This is his eighth appointment since 1975.

These are the candidate contestants:

Willem Dafoe – the poor

Robert De Niro – Killers of the Flower Moon

Robert Downey Jr. – Oppenheimer

Charles Melton – May December

Paul Mezcal – We are all strangers

Mark Ruffalo – the poor

Dominic Sessa – Holdovers

Jacob Stallworthy23 January 2024 09:40


Best Supporting Actress

To begin, let's run our predictions for a few categories Best Supporting Actress.

We have to say right away that this is Davin Joy Randolph's loss. The actor, Alexander Payne at his best Holdovers, has been taking home trophies all awards season, and that won't change at this year's Oscars. But who will he be up against?

These are the candidate contestants:

Emily Blunt – Oppenheimer

Daniel Brooks – Color is purple

Sandra Huller – Zone of interest

Rachel McAdams – Are you God? It's me, Margaret

Julianne Moore – May December

Rosamond Pike – Saltburn

Davin Joy Randolph – Holdovers


Do the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and other major film awards predict the Oscars?

Fortunately for both Gladstone and Gerwig, the Golden Globes — usually held in January before the Academy Awards — are a major predictor of Oscar winners and nominees.

So take a look at the 2024 Golden Globes winners and nominees — they may inform the nominees and eventual winners of the upcoming Oscars.

Jacob Stallworthy23 January 2024 08:40


First, let's talk about the elephant in the room: last week's BAFTA nominations led to some concern over two nasty snubs: Lily Gladstone (Killers of the Flower Moon) in the Best Actress category and Greta Gerwig (Barbie) in the Best Director category.

My prediction is that the Academy will recognize both — but if it doesn't, expect shock waves and criticism.

Jacob Stallworthy23 Jan 2024 08:20


When are appointments?

So, flag: Oscar nominations are announced today at 1.30pm GMT. There will be a live stream for you to watch at the top of this article, and we'll publish them in full here.

This morning, we'll run through the contenders and potential snubs.

Jacob Stallworthy23 Jan 2024 07:50


Snubs, omissions and a secret ad race: Oscars pin diplomacy in memorabilia category

Here, Clemence Michallon takes a closer look at a piece that's making headlines for the wrong reasons:

Kevin Perry23 January 2024 07:00


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It's as true at the Oscars as at any other awards show: winners walk away happy, losers go home empty-handed.

Actors are often so good at hiding their frustrations—it's show business, after all—that sometimes they let their true feelings slip.

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Why are the Oscars called the Oscars?

Officially they are the Academy Awards, but almost everyone knows them better as the Oscars.

Where the affectionate nickname originally came from is open to debate. The IndependentAnnabel Nugent inquires:

That's where the Oscars got their endearing nickname

One theory suggests that Bette Davis and her husband's bottom may have something to do with the harmonious nickname, but the origin story remains up for grabs. Annabelle Nugent looks at the possible backgrounds behind who exactly named the golden statue.

Kevin Perry23 January 2024 05:00


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Jimmy Kimmel is widely seen as the safest couple in Hollywood, but hosting a live awards show in recent weeks has been trickier than it looks.

Over the years, the quality of Oscar presenters has fluctuated wildly, from Jon Stewart to Seth MacFarlane.

Here, Louis Chilton looks back at the best and worst he's ever done:

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