One Step After Fall Spanish PC version has been canceled after Xbox Store deletion

Bergson Games canceled the Spanish Windows version of One Step After Fall after Microsoft removed other versions of the game from the Xbox Store.

One Step After Fall (Español) (Windows) was originally set to release on April 18, but after other language versions of the game were taken down, The Bergson’s Games Studios announced on Twitter that the re-release of the narrative adventure game had been cancelled. The studio also commented on the delisting of the controversial language compilations, One Step After Fall (German) and One Step After Fall (Spanish).

The Spanish Windows version of One Step After Fall has been cancelled

“On behalf of The Bergson’s Games studios, we would like to apologize for all the inconvenience caused to you, friends, gamers, and consumers,” TBGS said in a lengthy statement. Twitter topic Translated via Google Translate. “As of today, April 15th, the One Step After Fall Spanish and One Step After Fall German versions have been removed from the Xbox Store by Microsoft. Why? The information provided to us was not clear.”

TBGS goes on to say that it is “trying to evaluate all possible options” regarding writedowns. Some players have reported that even though they previously purchased the Now Deleted Editions, they can no longer download them from the Xbox Store. “We don’t have a clear answer at this time,” TGBS said. “Once again, we point out and apologize that you have lost access to our games! No rules were broken on our part, but unfortunately, it has become that way.”

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To avoid “future inconveniences” and the potential for players to lose more money, TBGS says it has chosen to cancel the Spanish Windows version of One Step After Fall.

“We value the quality and integrity of our company, which is why we are being transparent with you on this situation,” TBGS said. Any questions regarding removing games from your library, please contact Xbox Support.

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