NYTimes crossword clue: ‘A few pieces in a bucket’

Saturday puzzle – This network is a great achievement. It’s Evan Kalish’s first Saturday puzzle, and he’s now starting the cycle as the creator of at least one daily puzzle for all seven days of the week, as well as various puzzles (A Crosswords without vowelsif you are interested in trng smthng nw).

This network gives the solution a good mental workout. I especially like the superficial throwing of x and k at weird words throughout, excellent trivia and the many beginnings and rarities.

This network contains a lot of trivia that will please the specialist, I hope – the scream in the poster for the movie “Home Alone”, TRIX RABBIT and its “floppy ears”, NETFLIX SPECIAL by Hannah Gadsby. I found some of the smallest entries in this puzzle are the head controls. Port Messages made me think about shipping merchandise, not data via a USB port; On “taking charge”, I wrote “led” instead of FEE; “Lagunitas“It is a brand new to me and to crossword puzzle, which makes IPA beer.

24 a. “Toddy cats” are not actually cats. They are CIVETS, close relatives of the mongoose – though they value a little “Todie‘, or fermented palm wine. They are also famous Contribute to repetitive and costly a cup of coffee.

63 a. This “campus with a prominent statue of Will Rogers on his horse Soapsuds” is not the actor’s collector; Friend Donate the statue To TEXAS TECH in 1950, after the death of Rogers, because a roughly 10-foot-tall statue of a horse and cowboy fits into West Texas tradition.

6 d. The idea of ​​an “image problem?” It’s kind of by definition, kinda not. Refers to a crossword puzzle tool, REBUS, which can be strictly wordplay or can include illustrations (to baffling effect).

33 d. “Some Pieces In A Bucket” gets to ThIGHS, which I found strange until I made the mind leap to “buckets” of fried chicken parts. I’m sure a lot of people knew this by bats, but the chicken bucket spread dates back to then The Marketing Acumen of Colonel Sanders In the fifties of the last century, she is a global icon at this point. However, my urban childhood was missing this particular joint.

If I remember correctly, I saw a tweet from Jason Alexander saying he feels stupid when it comes to weekend crossword puzzles, so I thought I’d put his name (14 letters) into a meaningless puzzle. yada yada yada, many iterations later and NETFLIX SPECIAL ends up in the JASON ALEXANDER spot!

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