NVIDIA will reportedly ship 900 tons of H100 AI GPUs this quarter, which amounts to 300,000 units.

NVIDIA’s H100 AI GPUs have been the new talk of the industry, topping all the charts when it comes to record sales. Research company Omedia NVIDIA shipped 900 tons of H100s in Q2 2023, revealing a really interesting number, NVIDIA revealed.

NVIDIA H100 GPUs dominate the AI ​​space and ship tons every quarter

Now, the analysis seems weird in the first place, but Omdia didn’t reveal the reason behind revealing the shipping numbers as the “weight” of the GPUs. It can be assumed that Umeda obtained the shipping numbers from a seller, but this is not yet confirmed. In actual numbers, Omdia suggests that a single H100 GPU weighs around 3kg; Hence, it is estimated that Team Green sold around 300,000 H100 vehicles in the second quarter, which is a huge number considering industry estimates.

Image source: Omadia

The number revealed by Omdia includes a lot of ‘factors’ to consider, such as the weight of the individual H100 units and GPUs, but we won’t go into that because it will make things boring. However, confirmation of the H100’s shipping volumes becomes imperative, given that Green’s team has predicted huge numbers for the AI-powered GPUs. We reported a while ago that NVIDIA plans to ship between 1.5 million and 2 million AI-powered GPUs by 2024, most of which include the highly populated H100s, and Omida’s report depicts that the company is on track to reach that milestone.

The genetic AI boom has undoubtedly put technology companies in a race, with the H100 devices proving to be a crucial catalyst towards real-world integration. However, one should expect NVIDIA to reach impressive numbers by the end of the year now that financial reports are quickly moving towards the “positive” side.

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It can be said that NVIDIA has created a strong monopoly, as its competitors are nowhere near the company’s shipping volumes. There are exciting times ahead, and it will be interesting to see how the industry plays out, especially for NVIDIA.

News source: Tom’s devices

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