NVDA Stock: Nvidia and Microsoft Azure Team on Generative AI

The leading producer of artificial intelligence processors, nvidia (NVDA), combine with the most sought-after names in generative AI software, Microsoft (MSFT). NVDA stock and MSFT stock rose on artificial intelligence news this year.


Nvidia announced Tuesday that it is collaborating with Microsoft to accelerate enterprise-ready generative AI. The technology can generate content, including written articles, photos, videos, and music, from simple descriptive phrases. Companies can use generative AI to improve customer service, market research, and other applications.

The graphics chip maker said it is integrating its Nvidia AI Enterprise software into Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning offering to help organizations with their AI initiatives. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Moreover, Microsoft is investing heavily in AI, including its partnership with OpenAI.

The Nvidia-Microsoft integration will allow Azure customers to quickly build, deploy and manage custom applications using more than 100 Nvidia AI frameworks and development tools.

NVDA Stock News: The Next Wave of Generative AI

“With the coming wave of generative AI applications, companies are seeking secure accelerator tools and services that drive innovation,” said Manuvir Das, vice president of enterprise computing at Nvidia, in a statement. New release.

“The combination of Nvidia AI Enterprise software and Azure Machine Learning will help companies accelerate their AI initiatives through a direct and efficient path from development to production,” he added.

NVDA stock today fell by 1.6%, closing at 306.88. Microsoft fell 1.8%, to 315.26.

Nvidia and Microsoft are listed on IBD stocks

Integrating Nvidia technology into Azure Machine Learning will enable organizations to train and deploy custom large language models for generative AI, John Montgomery, corporate vice president of Artificial Intelligence Platform at Microsoft, said in a written statement.

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NVDA stock and MSFT stock are on the IBD Tech Leaders list. Additionally, Nvidia is on the IBD leaderboard. Moreover, Microsoft is in the long-term group of IBD leaders.

Earlier Tuesday, PC maker Nvidia Dell Technologies (Dale) announced a joint initiative to make it easier for companies to build and use generative AI models in the workplace. The initiative is called Helix projectIt will also use infrastructure and software from Dell and Nvidia.

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