“No” is Jordan Peele’s latest movie at the box office

The sci-fi movie, starring Daniel Kaluuya as Wrangler, was expected to make a Hollywood horse dealing with some extraterrestrial trouble. About 50 million dollars this weekendaccording to initial expectations.

It’s Peele’s third film in a row to open at number one at the North American box office and the biggest domestic opening for the original screen since 2019, “Us,” Peele’s last film, according to the studio.

Despite the film’s ambiguous plot, “Noob” was one of the most anticipated films of the year, so its opening was a bit lackluster. However, it’s still going strong considering that the film has an R rating, isn’t associated with a brand or sequel and has a relatively modest $68 million production budget.

Knob’s opening tops Peele’s debut film “Get Out,” which grossed $33 million in 2017, but fell short of the “Us” that blew past expectations three years ago, Opening for nearly $70 million More than tripling its $20 million production budget in one weekend. Both films eventually grossed $255 million worldwide.
This isn’t a great opening the way We Are, but the movie could have legs as it has good reviews. 83% of critics have a Rotten Tomatoes score.
“When it comes to Jordan Peele, it’s not so much about the opening weekend as it is about building that word of mouth,” Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at comscore (The result), for CNN Business. “His films are in it for a long time.”

Dergarabedian also noted that there’s really no competition in the coming weeks, which could be good news for future ticket sales.

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The reason “no” does not do more could be due to a myriad of reasons. For starters, Peele’s films are – while entertaining – reliable brain teasers. This may leave some viewers perplexed rather than delighted, which explains CinemaScore “B”.

Also, the marketing around “Nope” has been very vague and this has led to more people worrying about diving this weekend. This is especially the case at the moment when inflation is rising and the public is being cautious about how they spend their money.

All in all, the opening of “Nope” was within expectations and would become another win for Peele and Universal.

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