No. 3 hockey makes history, dropping Kentucky 5-4 to advance to Super Regionals




Record by period
a team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 s h H

United kingdom
2 0 1 0 0 0 1 4 6 0

Virginia Tech
2 0 0 0 3 0 X 5 8 1

W: Kelly Roschard (25-3)
The: Stephanie Schoonover (8-4)

Blacksburg – Virginia Tech’s No. 3 softball had to win three games in 24 hours to advance to the regional super, and the team non-stop achieved that feat, notching their final win over Kentucky Sunday night 5-4 at Tech Softball Park.

This was the second consecutive season that Hockey (37-19) had managed to reach the Super Regional, but the first time ever to host one. Tech will face Florida’s 14th team (46-16) this weekend, after the Gators won 3-0 in Gainesville and beat their opponents 28-2. For more information about Blacksburg Super Regional.

Big Kelly Rochard (25-3) I got the win from Virginia Tech (45-8). The right-hander went 3.1 innings, giving up one run on two hits, allowing one to walk and hit three.

Carpentry Jamie Bailey He led the way offensively for the Hokies, going 2 on 3 in a ball game with a home run and two RBIs. Big Mackenzie Lutter Put in a standout effort as well, a 1 vs 2 forward blip and three RBI give the Hokies enough cushion to win.

how did that happen

trailing 2-0, the Hokies put their first runs on the board in the first half. Virginia Tech covered two stages when Billy left the yard with a sophomore Emma Ritter on the board of a ship.

The Wildcats broke the tie and regained the lead heading into the fifth inning, when the Hokies returned to the scoreboard. Virginia Tech scored three runs, each coming in a three-stroke homer away from Lawter’s racket, and scored the most points Darby Troll and demanded Gina Pearson, which brought the Hokies to 5-3. Kentucky put one game on the scoreboard before the game was over, but Virginia Tech went on to win 5-4.

game notes

» Virginia Tech pitchers set Kentucky at just 1 for 8 (.125) with the runners in the scoring center.
» Kentucky was led offensively by sophomore Erin Covel, who went 2 on 3 with two doubles and a home run and two RBI.

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