Nir: Automata’s gigantic internet puzzle was just a cool and impressive hoax

After days of intrigue, it was finally revealed that the mysterious videos of hitherto unknown areas in Nier: Automata were the work of two very talented mods.

The ‘church saga’ began when a Reddit user named sadfutago posted a video of a door that no Nier player had seen before, and followed it up with clips that showed weird content that included references to other games. It cheered the Nier community (and many, many others), who couldn’t tell if this was an ARG for a new game, or the work of modders – although many considered the latter to be impossible.

As it turns out, it wasn’t as impossible to mod Nier: Automata as we thought, using Twitch stream Revealing that the entire saga was indeed the work of talented fans who created new in-game content. As you can see in the gallery below, the Twitch stream ended up acknowledging that all of this was created by mods by three individuals, DevolasRevenge, Woeful_Wolf, and RaiderB.

Nier Automata Church Epic – Revealing Who Was Behind It

“Thank you,” reads a text slide that was streamed at the end of the stream. “Everything we shared was completely in-game, and no mods were used. We loved all the discussions and theories – it’s been an amazing journey. It’s been inspiring to see the community come together after so many years, making all that hard work worth it.”

While some will be disappointed that doesn’t mean more official Nier content is coming soon, the fact that the team has started adding in-game content to Automata at all is huge news for the community. Many thought this was not possible, but the mods promised to release “new Blender plugins and scripting tools” on an open source basis, apparently opening the mod scene wide open for the first time.

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The church scene itself will be released to allow everyone to play back what they’ve been watching, and the team says they have “a lot in store,” including an already-completed mod from RaiderB.

Later slides apologized to the community for misleading people, saying they wanted to give the impression that this content was clipped or classified, and not a full ARG. They also said that they did not attempt to impersonate Nier’s creator, Yoko Taro, who has been drawn to the mystery over the past few days (which was later Praise for not ruining the puzzle).

Finally, the team apologized for the “anti-climate” ending, saying they were running out of time for personal reasons. However, much of the community celebrated the revelations breathing life into the community, even before the mods were released.

“That’s what I liked the most about something like this, and it’s crazy. I was here,” he wrote. Jenny Boy. Salted – Ice Cream He sees this as a new future for the series: “These guys managed to capture the attention of many of the people involved in NieR and revitalized interest in the series. What we have now may just be an incredibly new and tailored mod, but [Square Enix] He may see that the interest is definitely there and may seriously consider working on the series again.”

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